Seattle Sleekness - a new template inspired by David Cheifetz's site





Our design team has been a flurry of inspiration and activity lately and we yet another template release for you!  Today's release is called Seattle Sleekness and it resembles the style of David Cheifetz's custom site.


Seattle Sleekness is a gen3 template and all gen3 templates feature:


  • mobile responsiveness - meaning they look great on any size screen
  • improved design and css capabilities
  • built in social sharing options


Are you ready to modernize your site with this new template?  Here's how:



1.  From your FASO control panel home page, click on the Design link in the upper navigation bar.




2.  Then, click the link that says Change Your Site's Template




3.  Click the image that says Seattle Sleekness.




4.  It'll then show you a preview page. Click the link that says Use this template design on your site.



Here's a quick preview of how it looks on mobile:




5.  You'll then get confirmation that changes have been made.  
Here's Seattle Sleekness in action:

















Remember, there is no extra charge for any of our templates and if you change your mind, you can easily switch back to your old template without worrying about losing any of your content.


There are more template releases coming and next week, we'll focus on an upgrade to a current feature - stay tuned to see which one!


Happy creating!


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John P. Weiss
via faso.com
Another awesome template! Clean, responsive, professional. Many thanks!

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