How to Create Your First Blog Post on FASO

Blogging is a great way to stay connected with your collectors on a regular basis. It can also help improve your search ranking with search engines like Google and Bing. FASO makes it really easy to promote your art through a blog. Here's how to get started.


1.  Log into your FASO account.

2.  This will bring you to the FASO Control Panel screen, from which you manage everything on your FASO website. The Control Panel is made up of different sections, including the Header Menu, Main Menu, and Side Menu.


3.  Click on the Blog icon in the FASO Main Menu. This will bring you to the Blog page.


4.  Click on the Start a New Blog Post button.


5.  This will take you to the Blog Drafts page. A blog is composed of various sections. These include a Title, Text, Author, Excerpt, Date, Main Image, and Main Image Caption sections. Enter a title for your blog post in the Entry Title field.


6.  Enter the text of your blog post in the Entry Text field.


7.  Enter your name in the Author field.


8.  Enter a brief description of your blog post in the entry excerpt field.  The entry excerpt is an optional feature on some templates.


9.  Select an artwork image that you would like to include in your blog post by clicking on the Main Image dropdown list.



10.  Next, you'll want to assign your blog an entry topic.  Think of these as file folders for your blogs.  On your website, on one side or the other of your blog page, you'll see an automatically edited archive of your blogs by date and by adding topics, you'll further help viewers be able to find just what they're looking for.  Topics can be anything of your choosing like Landscapes, Watercolors, Works In Progress - whatever you'd like.




At first, you won't have any topics but as you add topics you'll be able to choose from previous topics or add more.  You can assign as many topics to a blog post as you'd like.





11.  As you blog more and more, you'll be able to click the link that says Related Posts and choose posts that are similar in nature or are a good follow up read to your current blog post.  




Click as many or as few as you'd like and hit submit (at the bottom).




12.  Enter your email address in the Author Email field.


13.  Click on the Add and Save Now button.




14.  This will bring you to the Publish Blog Post Confirmation page. At this point, you can choose to save your blog post as a draft (in case you need to come back to it later and add more to it) or you can elect to publish the post now.  If you elect to publish now, you can go ahead and skip to #15.  If you've saved it as a draft, this is what you'll see:



Clicking continue will take you back to the list of all your blog drafts.



15.  After all your editing and you're finally ready to hit publish, this will bring you to the Blog Post Topic page. Click on a topic option that best fits your blog message and then click on the Submit button.




16.  This will bring you to the Republish This Post to FineArtViews where you will have the option of submitting your blog post for possible publication in the FineArtViews newsletter. 




17.  This will bring you to the Blog Post Publication Confirmation page. In your control panel, there's an option to link your Facebook account with your blog, giving you the option to be able to publish your blog posts to your Facebook page.  If you've got it connected, you can choose to share with Facebook.  If not, click the option to Continue without sharing.




18.  This will bring you to the Published Blog Post page. Click on the Preview icon in the FASO Main Menu.




19.  This will bring you to the Home page of your artist website. Click the link for your blog.  Depending upon how your site is set up, it may be in your navigation row or you may have elected to set it up in the "widgets" row.  Once clicked, you'll see your published blog posts.




20.  This will bring you to your new blog post on your artist website.




Congratulations, you have just created and published your first blog post. 




Remember if you have any questions about this process, you can always feel free to reach out to our positively remarkable support team (Control panel home -> click the gear icon in the upper right corner -> click help and support and then open a ticket or give us a call). We're always happy to help you inspire the world.




9 Responses to How to Create Your First Blog Post on FASO

Sandy Askey-Adams
via faso.com
Thank you Carrie for explaining all this. I cannot recall this being shown before.

BTW, are posts be artists still be posted? I have not been seeing the small art photos with the artists blog posts the past few weeks.

Best to you.

Sandy Askey-Adams
via faso.com
Oops, sorry that be was suppose to be a by.

ruth Lowry
via faso.com

thank you for all the valuable info, I,m not quite ready for my blog but I always like to keep ahead of things I should know. Thanks again.

Anita Stewart
via faso.com
I would like to know the difference between blogging here and on Word Press.
What is the difference in the number of viewers?

Carrie Turner
via faso.com
@Sandy - I'm not sure what you're referring to. Send me an email with a more detailed question and I'll see what I can assist with.

@Ruth - it's good to be informed. You'll be ready before you know it.

@Anita - I don't know anything about Wordpress blogs so I can't make any comparisons. What I can tell you about using your integrated FASO blog is that it adds unduplicated content to your site (which is good since an artist's site is mostly made up of images), it's nice to have everything "in house", and having a blog on your site means visitors don't have to go far to see your amazing art.

Lyn Canham
via faso.com
I would like to blog about the steps and progress of my painting process. For this, I need to be able to 'embed' multiple images into the blog, probably 3-4 (e.g., drawing; watercolor; early pastel; completed pastel over watercolor painting). I don't believe I've seen this capability in FASO blog-making to date. Can it be done now? Will multiple images be possible in the future? I want them in newsletters too and I believe they are now possible.

Carrie Turner
via faso.com

You can add images via the text area.

Place your cursor where you want the image and click the insert image icon (looks like a mountain with the sun behind it).

You'll get 3 ways to upload your image: from your computer, from your uploaded images, or via URL.

Choose your option and follow the prompts.

Lyn Canham
via faso.com
Thank you - that ought'a do it!

Elizabeth (Betty) Billups
via faso.com
WHEW! I have never even thought of having a "blog"...mainly because I did not understand what they were for...except maybe "chit-chat"...which I don't have time for!

However, went on line, and discovered, that maybe I've been "blogging" all along...for the past 18 years, with my old web site, where I shared ideas and info on each page of art shown!

SO, now, I'm going for it...just glad FASO has it set up...
Sure a lot of stuff you share here...hope I can remember enough to "swim thru" all...and make it work without getting discouraged!! AND just now, discovered this "note" of mine...is being put on line for others to read! OOPS! Nothing like diving into the "UNKNOWN"!!

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