How to Start a Newsletter with Artful Mail 2.0

Keeping in touch with your collector base in critically important to building your art career. Collectors are not always ready to buy, so finding creative ways to keep them informed of your progress and connected to your art until they are ready to buy can make all the difference. FASO makes it easy to stay connected with your collectors through its Artful Mail 2.0 newsletter feature.


1.  Login to your control panel and click the email newsletter icon.





2.  Click the login link.





3.  Click the New Newsletter icon.






4.  At this point, if you'd like a quick demonstration of how Artful Mail 2.0 works, click the video link.





5.  Otherwise, select a template.  





6.  Begin creating your newsletter.  You can change the color palette, add or remove text and images, drag and drop content, and see a preview of your newsletter.  





7.  Save your changes.  A test will be sent to you for your review.  Then, you can either make more edits or you can send the newsletter.


Remember if you have any questions about this process, you can always feel free to reach out to our positively remarkable support team (Control panel home -> click the gear icon in the upper right corner -> click help and support and then open a ticket or give us a call).  We're always happy to help you inspire the world.




8 Responses to How to Start a Newsletter with Artful Mail 2.0

Poppy Balser
via faso.com
I am enjoying the new Artful Mail 2.0. I like how simple it is to use! And yet it has so much flexibility for when I want to change how things look. This is a great tool! (And it makes my newsletters look good too!)

Donald Fox
via faso.com
Thanks for keeping us informed of important changes that impact what we do and how we may do it. This format is very easy to use and gives excellent quality results.

Linda Leonard Hughes
via faso.com
I have noticed this newsletter being used by other artists and think I will give it a try myself! It seems to be a good feature for getting our work out there in the media. Thanks for a great idea! Linda Leonard Hughes

via faso.com
Great newsletter format. It is easy to use and excellent quality.

Theresa grillo Laird
via faso.com
Great improvements to the newsletter! Still waiting for a segment list option. Also wish the demo video was a bit slower!

Diane Pool
via faso.com
What's a 'SEGMENT LIST', Theresa?

Clint Watson
via faso.com

By "segment", I believe Theresa means the ability to take your list of subscribers and "segment" them into different groups. You might have segment such as "Past Buyers", "People interested in landscapes", "New Leads"...whatever.

Assuming that's what Theresa meant, I can tell you that the "segment" feature is on our roadmap and is getting close to work starting on it. It's definitely something we want to add, we just wanted to nail the newsletter composer itself first.

Leanne Hamilton
via faso.com
Wondering how to manage the email list and add to it over time and be able to sort it for various criteria etc... like mail chimp? Can we do that?