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If you've been with us for a while, you know we periodically sent out newsletters to our members.  We feel it's important to keep you informed about new features in your FASO control panel.  This includes everything from templates and color schemes to elements we've made vast improvements on (like Artful Mail 2.0).  The reasoning behind these newsletters is simple:  How can you create a website to showcase art that changes the world, if you're not aware of what we have to offer?  We could just add the updates and new features and hope you notice but that's not really our style - we prefer to nurture and inspire you with beautiful, simple technology.


We know time on the computer is time spent away from the studio.  That's not what we want for you.  We prefer to point things out as we go.  Then when something catches your eye, you can make the changes - while it's fresh on your mind and with clear instructions right in front of you.  Our goal is to make it a quick and easy process to keep your website updated.


Like right now - we're working on a series of short how-to newsletters covering various aspects of the FASO control panel.  Some topics may be subjects our more seasoned members already know a lot about but others will be a great refresher course on what's new or different in the control panel.  They could also be a great reminder of the advantages of certain features you may not be taking advantage of.  And, of course, for the newer members, we're hoping they're all truly informative and help you make the best use of your FASO website.


But before we begin that series, we're interested in hearing what you want to learn more about.*  Be specific - we really want to know.  Where are the dusty corners of your control panel you don't touch because you either don't understand how to edit them or you aren't sure how you could make it a valuable tool for your site?  What areas would you love for us explain in more detail?  With an integrated blog, a new newsletter system, over 600 style and color combinations, and all the other options in your control panel - we know there's something you've been wondering about and we're ready to explain it all. 


Your art can transform the world and we want to give you a website worthy of the masterpieces you create.  Let us know how we can help you do just that.  Leave us a comment or send an email to [email protected]





*Remember, all of our marketing information lives on our FineArtViews newsletter and you can access those articles by going to http://faso.com/fineartviews or you can subscribe here.



45 Responses to Help Us Give You a Website Worthy of Your Art

John P. Weiss
via faso.com
Perhaps tips on using the newsletter service. Adding multiple images. Header, etc. thanks!

Vicki P. Maguire
via faso.com
I would LOVE more modern fonts available to us....more friendly to MAC users.

I would LOVE a wordpress Blog format and Newsletter.

It's been on my mind to switch the whole website due to the lack of these items....but somehow, I think the FASO team is so
kind and supportive on the phone. Thankfully, I need them less and less.
FASO, think DIVI at Wordpress or Evolve...very modern and so up to date. Great for photography and blogging. Not cumbersome. That's all. I really like FASO team.

Cliff Barney
via faso.com
the best thing faso could do for me is to provide clear, well-indexed documentation for its software. not videos but text that explains how its commands work, how to perform needed functions. as it is, there is nothing. i rely on faso's topnotch help desk for help. it is always forthcoming, but it is always after the fact. i can't do what i want, so i open a trouble report. this is time consuming and it doesn't last. there is no way to save these help notes on faso; i would have to build my own documentation, step by step via questions. i have no time for this.

please - pay some attention to documentation of your software. i am sure you have it for your own people - let the customer in on it.

many thanks


Keith Alway
via faso.com
Regarding the sale of my Matted Prints: I know my matted prints have not been set up to sell easily with my buying system. Paintings and giclees can be bought easily, but it is hard for a buyer to purchase one of my matted prints. I have inquired about it before, and I have been told how to set it up; but I'm not very good at that. Can I hire one of your techies to do it for me, or tell me how on a written, step-by-step process in plain English? Thanks. Keith

F. Michael Dorsey
via faso.com
I wish we could have distinctly separated "Works" sections. For example on section for Watercolor, another for oil, another for illustration work.

Unless I am missing something, everything has to be in the "Works" section not of it divided into different "silos".

This is bothersome. Am I missing some thing?

thanks for asking

Terry Warren
via faso.com
Provide access to more detailed formatting tips and tricks. For example, I have really enjoyed the newer versions of the newsletter and the drag and drop sections. At the moment my only issue seems to be around something quite simple, adding a space between paragraphs. I when I use return it looks good in preview, but when I save and preview, I loose the spacing. I accidentally discovered how to fix it m, but having access to instructions would have saved me a lot of time.

Diana Thewlis
via faso.com
Since I put up my sight, I haven't touched it and I really need to. I just don't remember how to get into the system (control panel?) to make changes.

Kerry Didday
via faso.com
I would like to see a grouping of several format and color combinations to see if I would like to switch my format and colors.

John Burrows
via faso.com
First let me say that I love your website service. I've had mine with you for at least 10 years and I love that you are asking us, the artists, for advice.

That said, your site is not exactly intuitive. It feels like new options have been cobbled together over many years as it has evolved and tucked in corners that are hard to find. For instance I had to ask for assistance when I wanted to add a second photo and title to my wife's main page. (She also has a FASO site) Centering and off centering type and photos was also an issue. I do a lot of customizing. These were resolved for me by your excellent tech staff and they always do so with grace.

I'm no expert at code or organization but maybe you need to hire a former "mac" employee and reorganize it from the top down. Again though, I love FASO, would not leave and I can deal with the maze thanks to the help of your tech support.

- John

Donna Pierce-Clark
via faso.com
This is exciting!

Thank you!

Many times, I have asked specific questions and was given wonderful instructions about how to accomplish detailed, behind the scenes actions. Most of them required clicking on advanced options. So, that is what I would like to see on these newsletters: how to use the advanced option buttons to our best advantage!


Anita g Haldipur
via faso.com
This is a nice website, however inspite of being a member for more than 10 years or so , unfortunately I have not sold a single painting on your website, as I see it ,one reason could be the fact that all paintings are all flocked or displayed too very close together, which does not give a good impression of the paintings, and is distracting. We truly wish and hope that we are given a lower fee for displaying and being a loyal client or having exhibited for sooo very long for more than a decade without having sold a single piece of art, truly hope your managing team can oblige. Thanks and Regards
Anita - H

Jodi Murphy
via faso.com
I have managed to get the Email address ([email protected]) to show up on my phone with Android and on my Verizon tablet, but have not been able to link it to my laptop with Windows 8.1. My other Emails that are on the laptop are on yahoo.com. I am not very tech savey so any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

via faso.com
I just used the newsletter program. I find it a bit stiff and unresponsive when trying to correct typos. Like maybe the cursor will go where I want it and sometimes it disappears. Very erratic so I write elsewhere and copy paste, an extra step.
There is no tab. Have to space.
There is no way to flow type around pictures.
I admit I am spoiled rotten by InDesign but some things should happen without getting frustrated by the program because remember - I do want to be in the studio. And I want my newsletter to look as pro as possible while I am in the studio and it is doing its job looking good for me.

It would be cool if some adaptations that I am seeing in Word press site could show up in new design options for FASO. Like having a backdrop photo or painting, and having a flowing gallery.

What is absolutely perfect is the ability for the site to show well in computers and and mobil. With Google new algorithm geared towards mobil. All FASOs artists are way ahead of the game. Thank you.

Regarding selling on the site I have sold a few pieces. One never knows though if it is because the work was seen live somewhere or not. A website is just another tool to keep the work out there. Just need to pay attention to the look of the site and keep it fresh by updating work and info.

I am so glad I found FASO because HTML is Not a language I care to learn.

Looking forward to you new stuff.

Thank you.

via faso.com
When I send a blog from FASO to Facebook the image gets cropped. I don't like that. I want Facebook friends to see the whole image. Is there a way?

Jan koss
via faso.com
I don't know about email at your sight. Some examples signed up for my email and I don't know how to proceed. I also don't know how to get people to go to my sight.

Kathy Chin
via faso.com

I think your number one best thing is your customer service representatives...we can always count on them to get an answer to us right away!!! They're fantastic, thank you for that!!!

Have not looked recently, but do you have podcasting capabilities? Obviously short videos of our work are great as sales tools..obviously we are a visual medium so that is important, but also, possibly podcasting to draw more people to our sites. (I know that I don't keep up with it the way I should, but am looking to re-vamp in the near future.) Is this option available now or a possibility in the near future? I too am looking for more and don't really want to leave, but sometimes get the feeling that photographers aren't valued as much as painters here. We are artists too.

Have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, this is a wonderful resource for learning and you've done quite a bit to make our websites trouble-free and we appreciate it very much!!!

Thanks you FASO staff for all your hard work and efforts!!!

Terry Rafferty
via faso.com
Love my FASO account and the amazing people who help when I have an issue!

I was just at Zac Elletson's FASO website and like how you can put your cursor over an image and before clicking it, information (on his site the title, dimensions and price) is shown. How do you do that?

Marilyn Rose
via faso.com
Lots of interesting comments so far. I hope you will NOT reorganize things from the top down. I've tried to use Wordpress once and found it extremely difficult. And I don't know what a former Mac employee would do to it but I don't think I'd like it.

I too feel one of your strongest points is the support team - they are really awesome.

I don't have a lot of suggestions other than maybe have the blog at the end of the newsletter that can be sent out, much like your Fine Art Views. Also, what happens when you share the blog post on Facebook - do people open a link or what? And sales...I have no clue what causes people to buy paintings from the website - I've never sold one through mine, even after many years.

Thanks for asking our opinions!

Sheila Schaetzle
via faso.com
How can I change the image that shows up when someone searches my name on the daily art show; I would like the profile photo be of current work

Pamela Moresby
via faso.com
I am happy with the Faso website and have published the newsletter very successfully.
When I download my different aspects of my work into FASO works, and there are many, for each picture I get a file, photograph or drawing and no other type of work. I even have paper mache work which wouldn't fit into any category.
I would like to put different aspects of my work into sections such as drawing, painting, photography. I can separate my drawing from photography but it has no painting there.

Paula Ryan
via faso.com
I am very pleased with my experience with FASO and have recommended it to many other artists, especially the ones looking for a user-friendly site.
As another artist requested above, newsletter tips would be great. It was difficult getting good images-- particularly ones that weren't too large-- into my newsletter.
Thank you for putting out a great product. I'm a big fan.

Barry Messer
via faso.com
It would be nice to have a variety of galleries, one for recent work, others for other works as required. I think the artist should control this function. Also, a variety of fonts would be nice.
A little more control over some of the graphics like in the artist bio and such. I was trying to space a large picture away from the text and it wouldn't budge.
On the plus side images come up quickly and navigation is simple. I like some of the newer templates and recently redid mine for a new series.
While FASO isn't perfect, I am happy with it although it could always add a few more bells and whistles down the road.

Brandy Gale
via faso.com
Great suggestions above!
Re: Social Profile Icons on Site: While I really appreciate that you have FaceBook, Twitter and such as choices, may I suggest that you please add additional new icons to include links to our artist pages on Vimeo, YouTube, and perhaps also to some of the big international social media sites like Orkut, Netlog, Badoo, Zing, Mixi, etc.? Maybe do some research to see what would be the best fit for FASO users. Yes, I am serious: the Asian social media site QQ has 800 million users! I have clientele worldwide, and being able to communicate with them via their preferred social media platforms would be fantastic, and it would be very easy for you to add them to the choices interface. But mostly, Vimeo and YouTube. Pretty please? So many of us post art demos there. Thank you!

Mary Van Deman
via faso.com
I love my FASO site and the support team. I am currently looking into adding a business page to my Facebook account and puzzling over how that would link to my website. I'm not very techy and don't understand how to link them. Do I do it from FASO or from Facebook? Or can it go both ways and how do I do it? I really have so much to learn. I appreciate any help you can offer.
With regard to selling from the website, I have been reading that Facebook (etc.) in important to drive traffic to the website. Maybe traffic is ultimately the key to selling.

Walter Paul Bebirian
via faso.com
Hello FASO -

I joined rather recently and am very satisfied with the way things work so far -

Since I am still creating new images and uploading them to my Imagekind site that I have linked to my FASO site I have not got around to the marketing end of things - but I will soon and perhaps I will see if there is any help that I may need with in that category of the site -

I like blogging once in a while on your site since it is quite simple and easy to utilize only I am do not always have much to say on my own and actually prefer leaving comments on other artist's and writer's blog posts since they usually have introduces interesting topics which I often find I have something to contribute to -

thank you!


Walter Paul Bebirian
via faso.com
well - what I would like to know - since I already have an average of between 10,000 to 20,000 people viewing my art every single day - and not many purchaser - is there anything that I can do - besides be patient - to encourage purchases of prints and canvases of the art that I already have up?

dan olsen
via faso.com
i don't have gallery representation, the template I chose has a top heading for gallery. I would like to remove this. How?

Susan Flanagan
via faso.com
I am also not tech savvy but I have found FASO to be very user friendly! I only had to call tech support once and yes, they are very friendly and helpful. I used to have Word Press and found it difficult. My web site designer son, said that I should not have so many steps to buy my art. I should be able to have a "buy now" option everywhere including art on the blogs and newsletter. Is there a way to do that?

Dan Gerken
via faso.com
I'm asking for more help in simplifying and making easier the setting up and use of both the newsletter feature and the blog feature. I'm somewhat intimidated and frustrated by the process to get each feature up and running. As of now, I haven't implemented either feature. Thanx

Tricia Bass
via faso.com
I LOVE FASO and recommend it often. I think it's so user friendly and your response time when I can manage something has been great. I would love to see a step by step, getting started newsletter on NEWSLETTERS. Maybe you've already done this!

Jill Beecher Matthew
via faso.com
I would like to be able to separate my art in WORKS into categories of "available" and "archived" and then maybe subcategories by theme within these. Can't figure out how to do this.

Sharon Griffes Tarr
via faso.com
I love using my FASO website and I understand there is always a learning curve to anything new. Howeveer, I'd love to see a bit more instruction listed. For instance, the templates for the newsletters...Above the "advanced" options why not a sentence or two that tells us how to use them? Trial and error (mostly error) gets the job done but not always in a timely manner nor correctly. I spaced my paragraphs out the way I wanted the last newsletter to read and published only to find that in the translation of sending all paragraphs were jammed together and this is how my readers saw it. Not very professional looking. That was a bit frustrating after I had spent considerable time arranging it the way I wanted it. I'm sure there is a correct way of doing it but apparently I didn't figure it out correctly...perhaps next time I'll get it right?

Maggie Leiby
via faso.com
I've been thinking of marketing an art product and would like to know if I could somehow create a page on my website where customers could go, view the item and see pricing and then order. I'd like to do this through my existing site, but perhaps, I would need a separate web site. I'm just not sure. I'm still in the fact finding stage of this venture. Thanks for your help.

Maggie Leiby

Christine McNamara
via faso.com
I have been using FASO for over a year, and although my site is still small, I've had fun redesigning it from time to time. My main problem is that I find the palette information confusing. I can't tell, other than through trial and error, which colors apply to which parts of the design. I don't understand the terminology very well. Would love it if this could be made simpler. Overall, I've been happy with FASO and have recommended it to others. I love the Buzzworthy blogs and read at least a couple of them every day. Keep up the good work!

Heberto G. Cavazoz
via faso.com
Is Macpherson selling art with your web ?
I have not sold any artwork as of now.
May I suggest that you have an option to track visitors as Imagekind and FineArtAmerica.

I find it very helpful to keep track of interested visitors.
I like your system of selling original artwork.

Ruth Andre
via faso.com
I have always felt that the FASO team worked especially hard to keep the customers happy but the actual sites were becoming dated. I have been looking for another website server and then last night I found an artist with a great website. It was a new FASO templet website. When I looked on the FASO site the set up looked nothing like the artist's site I saw so I understood the reason I did not see it before. The new templet is contemporary and works so well with my abstract paintings. Thank-you for the new templet and the lovely grey color palette. I have always detested black and thought white was just too white and my art got lost. I am very happy now and I am very happy with the help Doug gave me as we sorted out a few things. His work made the whole set up go very well. Thank-you, FASO

Lyn Canham
via faso.com
Thanks for asking for inputs. You may now permit this, but the last time I blogged using FASO, I could not find how to 'embed' multiple images, such as I really want to do to show the maturation of a painting (e.g., the drawing, the watercolor underpainting, the early pastel painting, the finished pastel painting). I have since done another newsletter and used one or more of the many templates available (now), so maybe these come up for blogging too. The templates are still a little 'stiff'. I agree with an earlier comment that it would be nice to flow text around the image boxes, and in general, have a flexible framework for co-locating text and images. Meantime, I just really need a way to attractively arrange 4 or more images in a blog. One more comment - inputting the captions for images was NOT a user-friendly process at all - yikes! Thanks!

Diane Woods
via faso.com
I would like to know if I can send a newsletter to less than my entire mailing list, like if I add someone and I'd like to send them a copy. I am also interested in starting a blog and would love your advice on the use of the blog and the newsletter together. Thanks. Diane

Mike Bernard
via faso.com
Please....add java script and video. Some of us "out there in cyberland" would like to upload a short video or slide show of our work.

Thank You,


Terry Gay Puckett
via faso.com
I can change things on my website, and also have a newsletter. I might want to use short videos, but don't know how. Love the help that you provide and being able to talk to a human being on the phone. I would like to sell more from my website, but don't want it to look too commercial, because mostly it is a tool for people to find out about me as an artist. This is very helpful. It might be good to get a critique of my website and suggestions about how to improve it. I enjoy having this website, and find it easy to add and change images.

Judi Jordan
via faso.com
I would like to know how to have true visits to my site numbers, that do not include my own visits. Also, how do I upload a article or other info written in word to my blog as it is written and not as a link that has to be opened in word or whatever stored in. I want people to read full text, not click on a link that opens my doc files. Your support team is great and friends visit my site say it looks beautiful and professional. Thanks.

Diane Pool
via faso.com
My compliments to staff, also. I love FASO but...

1. Would really love to have the whole FORUM site redone--it is too general, needs specific topics/discussion categories as well as a decent SEARCH function, plus, it is very frustrating to have to re-log in so often, usually after following a dead-end topic.

1b. ...and why do I have to log in anyway, after having previously logged into my account--shouldn't it all be within the same site?

2. Would like to be able to use color on specific words within my newsletter, not have the whole block of type be that color, too.

3. Any chance of having TABS? I usually have to use the tabs on my browser to open the several places within my site that I often need to refer back to when composing either posts or emails.

4. I also would like to have a bit of space between photos and copy when they are side-by-side.

5. When creating a blog post, why TWO toolbars for composing? Why not make the Full Screen Composer toolbar standard and if people don't want to use the extras, they don't have to. It would be so nice for those of us who DO use them to not always have to be going through extra steps to use it.

6. Is it possible to have a place on my control page that lists the sites I'm following? I would be grateful to just click on their names whenever I wanted to see if there was a new blog post or...for whatever reason. Instead, I have to bookmark them on my server or else go outside, to FASO's home page, and search there.

7. Yes, I'd dearly love to have sub-headings under the Works page, followed by various categories for each one of the sub-headings, also!

Question: while it would be great to see/read this page of comments with individual replies to each of us, I know that would be too much, but wonder if consolidating or else separately summarizing your responses to them would be possible. It has been fascinating reading the comments but I long to hear some feedback.

...which you are GREAT at, so I'm sure it will come, eventually. Thanks again, for all the good work you do for us.

Marcia Walke
via faso.com
I really want to have a good website, but feel lost with all the bells and whistles and articles I receive but don't know how to implement. Meanwhile, my website just sits there. I need some help with what I need to do in basic steps, besides just basic images.

Liz Phillips
via faso.com
Your newsletter today may have answered my wishes... I was hoping to find ways to customize my site and tweek it to improve it's appearance. Perhaps the upcoming new templates will do just that.

Thanks for all you do!

Debra Joy Groesser
via faso.com
I'd like to know more about the new newsletter options...I started using Constant Contact several years ago because the old one had so many limitations as far as customization, social sharing, tracking etc. Would love to do everything through my website instead of using a separate service, so just want to know how it compares.

I love my website and LOVE FASO's great support staff...thanks for all you do!

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