Don't Take Your Art Blog for Granted

In addition to being a painter, I work as an Artist Support Agent for FASO. I am also on the social media team so I read a lot of art blogs and share them on our BrushBuzz site and social media. I see so many wonderful blog posts, some with lots of activity in the form of comments. I read many that have no comments at all. Many artists write some very helpful articles and some write about their personal experiences as artists. So it's kind of sad to think that many of those writings go unread.


FASO artists have the option to add a blog to their websites. Having an active blog on your site is a great way to keep your website fresh with updated content. It gives you a place to tell your story and talk about your art. It is also a great way to attract a new audience through internet searches and social media. Once someone is on your blog, your portfolio is just a click away.


Recently, I came across a blog post that I wanted to comment on. I had forgotten that this is a good practice for all artists. When you comment on someone's blog post, this lets the artist know you are interested in what they have to say. A dialogue can begin and who knows where that could lead? It also gives you an opportunity to add a link back to your website.


A few weeks ago, I read Brian Sherwin's article, Artists Supporting Artists? Not so much, it seems..., on Fine Art Views. This reinforced in me what I had been thinking about blogs. It also encouraged and reminded me to take the time to comment on other artists' blog posts. 


If you are at a loss about what to write on your blog, Barney Davey has a great list of 52 Blog Topics for Artists that has been a helpful resource for me.


Also, for FASO artists, when you upload new art to your Art Portfolio and add a description in the Comments section, click Blog this Artwork! This will create a blog post automatically. You can always go to the post and edit it, if needed.


Add a descriptive title and an image to each blog post. Doing this is helpful to search engines. I find that a lot of my images in Google link back to my blog posts.


Be sure to add topics to your blog posts. When you are creating a blog post on your FASO website, down near the bottom, you will see Entry Topic and a link to Add Topic. Topics are like keywords and are a good way to categorize your blog posts. They are also helpful to search engines and can increase traffic to your blog from internet searches. Keep the listing to around 25 topics that you would post about on a regular basis. These will show up on your blog under Categories. These categories are great for grouping all of your related posts  together.


Also, when you publish a blog post, you have the option to syndicate it on Fine Art Views. If you choose to syndicate it, it could possibly show up as a link in one of the FASO newsletters.


Take the time to read and comment on other artists' blogs. Be sure to include a link back to your website and make sure your comment is relevant to the topic. FASO artists' blog posts appear at this link, so you can see what others are writing. You can also subscribe to FASO artist blogs by RSS feed, by clicking "Follow this blog".




Recently, someone let me know they had been reading my posts and I was very encouraged to know that! You never know who might be reading and who you might be connecting with.




Editor's Note:  You can view Gayle's original post here.


2 Responses to Don't Take Your Art Blog for Granted

Gloria Timmons
via faso.com
Thank you for this informative article. I will pursue expanding my knowledge of blogs.

Beatriz Portela
via faso.com
Good article with helpful tips. I am writing the first blog for my art website today!

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