Freshen Your Website for 2015 with FASO's Modern, Responsive Designs

As a new year approaches and, with it, brings fresh beginnings, we know that you may be contemplating a fresh, bold, and inspiring new look for your FASO art website. 


We've got you covered!  Over the past year or so, we've released nine new beautiful, professionally designed templates.  Each features modern, contemporary styling and convenient, effective features designed to help you inspire your fans with your powerful art.  These templates are designed to be mobile ready, responsive and to work better on today's faster internet.  They provide you the most current, up to date, look, whether your visitors are on a phone, tablet or desktop computer.


In an effort to assist with your design decisions, we thought it might be helpful to list the most current templates here, with a short description of some of the best features.



Striking Studio (beta) is our newest release and looks amazing on tablets and mobile devices due to the responsive nature of the template.  Striking Studio works particularly well on tablets such as the iPad.  



Artists using Striking Studio:

Laura den Hertog Fine Art

Laura Robb Fine Art





Cosmic Chameleon was our 2nd mobile responsive template but unlike Morphic Maplelicious, it was designed to support your favorite color palette.



Artists using Cosmic Chameleon:

Joann St-Cyr

Gayle Faucette Wisbon





Morphic Maplelicious is fun and fresh, and enables better viewing on tablets and smartphones.  



Artists using Morphic Maplelicious:

Joyce Kanyuk Fine Art

Jill Charuk Fine Art





Mirabello supports other color palettes but if you want to take the stress out of the decision making process, our designers made an accompanying color palette - Mirabello Bay.


Artists using Mirabello:

Doug Hoppes Fine Art

Kim Casebeer Fine Art





Merriweather also has an accompanying color palette, Merriweather Mint, but you can personalize it to your tastes, if you'd prefer.


Artists using Merriweather:

Kevin Macpherson Fine Art

Nina Fabunmi Fine Art





Gotham is pre-set for the color scheme shown, however if you like the colors but prefer another template style, you can choose the Dark Knight color palette and get the same look.


Artists using Gotham:

Jane Aigler D'Angelo

Jonathan Newey Fine Art 





Evoke was designed to give a crisp, modern approach with a top navigation feature.


Artists using Evoke:

Ginger Bowen

Marsha McDonald





Slate Custom was released in response to artists who loved Slate Orange but wanted more control over their color scheme.


Artists using Slate Custom:

Ardith Starostka Fine Art

Derek Penix Fine Art





Our first Generation 3 template release, Slate Orange started the trend of enhanced, more modern FASO templates.


Artists using Slate Orange:

Patrick Nevins Fine Art

Carol Maguire Fine Art




Changing your template is fast and easy.

1.  Login to your FASO account.

2.  Click the design icon in the upper navigation row.




3.  Click Change Your Site's Template




4.  Click on a template style to see a preview




5.  Click use this template design on your site.




6.  You'll see a notification the changes have been made.



Congratulations!  You've updated the look of your website in no time at all.


Don't forget when you combine our template options with our myriad of color palette options, we offer a total of over 628 combinations!


We wholeheartedly believe your art is a gift to be shared with the world and you deserve a website worthy of showcasing your masterpieces.


Let FASO's Generation 3 templates display your art in it's best light.




The FASO Team


PS - Just to let you in on a little secret....we also have two more new templates in the designers' hands right now.  One is called "minimalist" and the other one features a neat, responsive "scrolling" design.  We'll be announcing those two in early 2015!



5 Responses to Freshen Your Website for 2015 with FASO's Modern, Responsive Designs

Rizwana A. Mundewadi
via faso.com
Awesum templates, love the energy Fasoites are great ! Thank you very much for making this so easy as well as modern , waiting for the new ones!!! God Bless and Have A Wonderful Christmas and a Great New Year Ahead! All the Best from Rizwana! www.razarts.com

Tina Swindell
via faso.com
Thanks for great templates. I'm using the
"Striking Studio" Generation 3 template. The templates are easy to work with and look great. Question though...how do I get more than one photo to show up on my front page? I don't seem to have the option to show more than one but the sample template shows several.

Pat Huber
via faso.com
Is it possible to have a website home page that has "a banner painting" across the top? For example, I have a rectangular painting measuring 4" by 16". I would like to have it as a banner on my home page under my name, with my name stretched out across the top in simple script.

Below the banner, it would list the collections with their own small icon examples as exists on another page now, and a place to sign up for the newsletter.

I could actually feature any painting in the banner by cropping out that shape or enlarging the vertical dimension of the banner itself to fit a painting.

Sorry if this is confusing, or not possible--it is simply a design that crossed my mind.

Gayle Faucette Wisbon
via faso.com
Hi Pat! I have your post in the form of a ticket now, so I'll have your reply in just a bit.

Laura F Saxon
via faso.com
I have had a busy year and not kept up with my faso website! All of these changes look great! I'm a bit confused about how someone looking at my site can contact me, so I haven't been using it as I should. It looks like some great options. Now that I'm not in classes anymore I can focus more on my site now. Thanks for the opportunity to sell my work through faso!

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