Important Notice - Newsletter Sending 'from' Address

UPDATE:  As of 4/22/14, AOL also made the same changes to their policies and if you're sending newsletters from an AOL email address, this affects you, as well.


Some of you might be aware of recent changes in Yahoo's authentication policy and be wondering if it affects you and your FASO newsletter.


Short answer?  It will if you are sending from a yahoo.com mail address.


The longer answer is it's complicated but there's a simple solution that will solve any potential issues.


Here's what is going on...


Yahoo changed its authentication policy - this is how they verify if an email is spam or suspicious.  This change affects your newsletter deliverability if your "from" address is a Yahoo address ([email protected], for example).  You will see an increase in bounced newsletters or your newsletter might end up in your subscribers' spam folders. 


The simplified reason is that you, the artist, are not sending an official bulk email as a representative of yahoo.com.  So there is no way for receiving mail servers to verify that you are allowed to be sending from the domain "yahoo.com"  Without getting into a lot of further  technical, really complicated explanations on how this works, we'd like to jump ahead to the solution for this potential problem.


Be sure that your "from" address is an email address that originates from your domain ([email protected]).  This makes verification a lot simpler and you have far better chances of your subscribers really receiving your newsletter.


You must have a domain to have a personalized email address, so if you don't have a domain, now's a great time to get one registered.  You can do this via your FASO control panel (control panel home >> manage domains >> Click here to check availability and register a New Domain Name >> Follow the prompts).


You can also sign up for a personalized email address via your FASO control panel.  Just click on the "your email accounts" link in your control panel and follow the prompts.


Once your domain and email address are squared away - here's how you make sure that your newsletter reaches its viewing audience.  You have 2 options...


Option#1 (edit Administration Email address)


Be aware that if you choose this option, all communication from FASO (support, contacts via your website, etc) will be sent to your new, personalized email address.

This option will change your Administration Email Address: 
1. this is the email address all contacts from us and all contact artist emails will be sent to.
2. if this is your choice - there are no other steps needed. Once completed you will be all set.

From Control Panel Home
-click on your name (upper right)
-click Account Settings
-click on Change Your Contact Information
-edit email address


Option#2 (edit the Email From Address Override in Newsletter Settings)

IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE YOUR FASO ADMIN EMAIL - you have a second choice for assuring your newsletters are sent from the proper email address.

From Control Panel Home
-click on Newsletter icon (top of page)
-click on Click Here to login to the Email Newsletter System.
-click on Settings
-click on Email From Address Override
*enter your domain email address as an override

NOTE: When domain email address is added as instructed in Option #2, all newsletters will be sent from that address - thus complying with our newsletter provider's requirements (without the need to change admin email address).




This article was prompted by Yahoo's recent changes, however, even if your "from" address is a Gmail, Hotmail, or AOL address, you really need to take the above steps.  Policies are changed frequently and you don't want to find out the hard way that your carefully crafted newsletter isn't reaching your subscribers.  We strongly suspect that all the major providers will soon follow Yahoo's lead and make the same policy change.


As always, if you have any questions our Positively Remarkable Support Team is ready to help - just open a support ticket via your FASO control panel.



9 Responses to Important Notice - Newsletter Sending 'from' Address

Robin Hoyt
via faso.com
Thanks Carrie.
Change is sometimes frustrating, but good in the long run.
My other artist (photographer) friends, told me I should go with a gmail account. I'm starting to understand why.

Carrie Turner
via faso.com

You're welcome.

I agree - sometimes it's good to shake things up. Change in one area can ripple out and effect awesome changes in other areas.

For my personal stuff, I'm totally a Gmail girl. However, we expect that even they will follow along and make the same changes as Yahoo, eventually.

Robin Hoyt
via faso.com
Good point Carrie. I changed mine to option 1, and yes, it was that easy.

Robin Hoyt
via faso.com
Ok, I changed it last night...but now can't edit or even get into my site. I have called Faso and given then an email. Do I need to change my log in to my domain, and if so, I don't have a password for this. NOW I'm feeling frustrated

Carrie Turner
via faso.com

If you've sent in a ticket to tech support, you should be getting some help fairly quickly. They always try to answer tickets within 60 minutes.

Don't be frustrated... I'll pop over and see what, if anything, I can do to help.

Robin Hoyt
via faso.com
Ok, I did have to change to domain, sorry for "venting" I'm back on. It's my day off and just wanted to work on my "blood moon" painting. As always thanks for your support.

Carrie Turner
via faso.com
I just sent you a note via the ticket window... should clear it all up for you.

No worries on the 'vent'...we've all been there!

via faso.com
I had first met Elizabeth and had visited her studio in early June. I was quite pleased with what I had experienced. I thought that she was very professional. I had asked her questions about my options in order to get my art work promoted and she was able to answer all my questions. I will be coming back to see her with more questions!

via faso.com
Very easy to do, thank you!

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