Please help us Make FASO Better by taking a quick survey

Many of us are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving and, as usual for this time of year, we're reflecting on those things for which we're thankful.  We at FASO are ever thankful for each of you...not just because we host your website service but because you're amazing artists and you choose to share your gifts and enrich the world.


The way we choose to show our thanks, year round, is by being the best website service we can be and for that, we need your input.  If you're inclined to share your thoughts, please take a minute to participate in our survey - it's just a few questions and the vital feedback that you provide will help us serve you better.




Happy Thanksgiving from the FASO Team,

Clint, Carrie, Padgett, Doug, Marsha, Jen, Tami, Gayle, Brian, Susan, and Brenda


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Linda Ellen Price
via faso.com
I am so impressed with the caring and love Clint Watson shows to all of us and for his company. What a guy! Always seeking to improve or help his artists with their websites. this new template is lovely. Even though I am not ready for a change, I welcome these new ideas. Always something to think about. What a team! I am continually thankful I found you all.

I will ad that I once stated on this site that I do not enjoy blogs. I take that back! I love the blogs that OPA sends out. They are fabulous. I am reconsidering blogs, and if they would be good for my site. I am not sure I have read enough blogs to make such a negative comment as I made.

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