Making Your Images Larger on Your FASO Website

As artists, the ease with which visitors can view your artwork plays a considerable role in the set up of your website.  I think we can all agree that images need to be large enough that they can be examined properly but not so large that they slow down the performance of your site.  


Our developers have spent a lot of time making sure that you have the best of both worlds - images that are large enough to showcase your artwork along with a website that loads these images at optimal speed.  When looking at the images on your FASO site, you have three general sizes to consider:  thumbnails, default view, and the zoom view.  We'll review each size, where they can be found and how to make them larger, if necessary.




Thumbnails are the small, square images that are generally displayed on your works or collections pages.  When you upload your image to your FASO control panel, it automatically resizes your image to create a thumbnail that is 72 pixels wide.


Example of thumbnails page at 72 pixels


For some, this is large enough but others prefer a larger thumbnail format.  To enlarge your thumbnail view only takes a short amount of time.


1. Log in to your Control Panel


2. Click on Art Portfolio




3. Click on 'Edit the works display'




4. for option 'Use Variable Size Thumbnails', change from No to Yes

5. For 'Width of Thumbnails (in pixels)', enter a value from 80-150 to designate the width in pixels that you want your thumbnails to be



6. Save Changes


Remember, you may need to hit refresh to see the changes reflected on your website.




Default View


The next size in images that you should see on your website is the default or medium size view.  This is, by default, the view that you see after you've clicked the thumbnail.  It is sized at 30o pixels.



Each default view offers an option to click to a zoom view of the image.  If you'd like to bypass the default view and have your images immediately display the zoom view, here's how to do that:


1. Log in to your Control Panel


2. Click on Art Portfolio




3. Click on 'Edit the works display'




4.  Change Default Works Zoom Level from 'Default' to 'Large'



5.  Save Changes




Zoom View


The largest view we offer is the zoom view.  As previously explained, this is the image that you would see after seeing the default view.  Zoom images are sized at 550 pixels.  


Zoom view...In the default view image, you can see that the picture of the scarf

barely comes to my social media icons.  In this image, it is clearly much larger.


We do offer an option to customize the size of the zoom view.  We can do a custom change for you and zoom to either:
'Extra Large size' - 1024 pixels
'Extra Extra Large' size - 2000 pixels
or any size you want (smaller than 2000px).

To make this happen, you need to have uploaded images that are large enough for your larger zoom request.  If you want zoom at 1024, your images have to be at least 1024 pixels.  If you want the zoom to be 750, the images you upload have to be that big.  Your image size dictates how large your custom zoom view can be.


A Final Note About Image Size


There is no maximum size image that can be uploaded to your control panel.  The larger your image file, the longer the upload will take.


Images must be .jpg image files, in RGB mode.


We recommend 72dpi (higher resolution images can be uploaded, though).


It's important to make sure that the images you upload are at least 550 pixels in the largest dimension.  Images that are larger than this are automatically resized, as mentioned, and are accurately portrayed on your site.  However, if your images are not at least 550 pixels, we cannot enlarge that image and size it like it should be - which means your images will be small on your site and unable to be viewed at full capacity.


The entire reason for having a website is so that visitors can actually SEE your artwork.  Uploading images that are large enough in format and having them display at the optimal size for your art makes this not only possible, but enjoyable for the viewer.  Take a moment today to look over your art portfolio and see if any of these changes can enhance the display of your artwork.



10 Responses to Making Your Images Larger on Your FASO Website

Rozanne Hubbard
via faso.com
Thanks so much, Carrie! I really appreciate the info...your directions were very easy to follow.

Mary Paloma
via faso.com
Thank you for this well organized, clear and illustrated set of procedures!

Also, I have some small paintings that actually come out on the screen larger than "life" size, and so I reduce the default by editing the image once it's uploaded. One of the options in the edit feature is "size" and I can specify the number of pixels there. Works great.

via faso.com

Thank you for all that great information. I have often wondered about larger zoom images.

Can you refer us to a few FASO artists websites that do employ larger zoom sizes? I'd like to explore (ha! VISUALLY explore) before I make the request.


Mary Paloma
via faso.com
Mine uses the zoom feature, KC.

Mary Paloma
via faso.com
Hmmm... just tested the zoom feature. Yes, it does zoom to the large size when you click on the icon. If you click on the image again, however, it returns to the default size, not the thumbnail.

That sort of brings me to an issue with the new design I'm using. I have to go back to "Artwork Collections" to choose another collection. It would be nice to have a level of navigation which shows up on each collection page which allows the viewer to go directly to another collection without having to navigate back "up" first. Anyone else notice this. I'm using the Evoke style, customized. Thanks!

via faso.com
Mary - I think we all have zoom on images, but for most of us, it's the 550. I am guessing your's is also? I am curious to know what bumping it up to 1024 or 2000 looks like...

via faso.com
Ohhhh Carrie, those are BEAUTIFUL. (Now I need to pretend I am technologically savvy) I routinely load images at 1100 pixels on the longest side, at a DPI of 550. When I look at the edit page for an individual work, and "view all image sizes" there are eight available for each painting. Do any of those need to be resized to proceed to a larger zoom ? Sorry for numbers in the comment box - let me know if we should move this to the FASO helpline instead. Thank you! KC

via faso.com

If your images are 1100 pixels wide, then the tech team can accommodate a zoom up to that large.

You'll just need to open a ticket with them, asking that they enable the custom zoom on your images. Let them know that you think your images are 1100 pixels large and they'll take it from there.

Bellefast Dames
via faso.com
Thanks so much, Carrie! I really appreciate your well organized information and also your directions. Very easy to follow. Keep up the great works!
Have a good day always,


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