Four Newly Released Color Palettes for Your FASO Website

Lately, our developers have been ablaze with creative ideas about new color combinations.  Since our last release of color schemes, they've come up with four more color palettes to share with you.  We hope you'll like Citrus, Eggplant, Summer, and Merriweather Mint as much as we do.



An invigorating color display with just enough contrast to keep it from being too over the top.  A fresh, fun look for your website.








An elegant pairing of greens and purple resulting in a formal, yet simple color scheme for your site.








Summer incorporates all the bright colors of the season into one fun, creative color palette.







Merriweather Mint

Merriweather Mint is a minimalist color scheme with lovely pops of mint green and grey.







If you'd like to try out any of our new color schemes, it's quick and easy to make the change.


Login to your control panel home -->Site Design Center -->Choose or Create a Different Color Palette -->Click on Show Newest -->Choose your palette.  


If you like one of these color schemes but it's not just quite right for you, please remember that you can clone the color palette and tweak it to your heart's content.  You can read more about the color palette editor here.




2 Responses to Four Newly Released Color Palettes for Your FASO Website

Sally Chupick
via faso.com
hey there, well I gave the new citrus a whirl(I like orange, and thought it would be fresh and fun)...but it was a little too much orange for me...so then I tried summer....nope, not me either....I went back to slate orange which I've been using for a while...I like that dark orangey/red, it's classy but not too in your face! by the way what template is it that Clint Watson is using to illustrate all the newest colour palettes. I like it...is it an 'enhanced' template?

Clint Watson
via faso.com

The site pictured is http://clintavo.com

I'm currently using "Evoke" which is a Generation 3 template. Anything that is Generation 2 or higher is considered "Enhanced" but we're moving away from the term Enhanced now in favor of numbering the Generations.

A Generation 3 template has more features that Generation 2 which has more than 1. We keep the old generations because we don't want to force people to switch although eventually we will retire older generations.