Tumblr Support! Mirabello template, Color Palettes and more

It's been a while since we've done an update on what our development team has pushed into production, so here we go!


Added Tumblr Support

FASO sites support "Social Profile Icons" usually at the top of your site.  These allow you to easily create links to your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social networks.  These icons are tasteful and use to respective logos of the social networks.   We have now added support for Tumblr and plan a newsletter soon detailing how to add a tumbler icon to your FASO site.  The setting is in the "Social" section of your control panel.


Launched "Mirabello" template into beta.

We have a new template called "Mirabello".  You can try it in the site design center in your FASO account!


New Color Palettes

We've launched about half a dozen new color palettes!  Check them out in the site design center!


Updated Our Daily Art Show Totals

The daily art show now reaches more than 40,000 inboxes, so upload some art!


Email Infrastructure Improvements

We've added a ton of improvements to the way we handle email in the FASO app.  None of this will be visible but it will make email even more reliable and, if you are experiencing issues with email coming from your FASO app or site, we now have a ton more tools to troubleshoot and fix problems.  We've also added additional monitoring so if your email is getting bounced, dropped or blocked, we can catch it and fix it immediately.


Added More features to the Marketing center

You can now easily reach several more marketing options from the Marketing center.