Portfolio Reorder, Daily Art Show, Artist Directory, Merriweather Template

Portfolio Reorder Screens Now Include Artwork Title

Our drag-and-drop portfolio reorder screen has been updated to include the Title of the artwork.  Now, if you hover over any image on that screen, a tooltip will popup with the artwork title.  Some artists found it difficult to locate the correct image with access to the title information, especially in the case where two paintings are artworks are similar.


Exclude Your Art From the Daily Art Show

A few artists, for various reasons, sometimes wish to either permanently or temporarily opt out of the FASO Daily Art Show.  We have added an option in your FASO account to make that easy!  It's in your marketing center.


Exlude Your Name From the FASO Artist Directory

You can now exclude your name from the FASO Artist Directory.  In most cases, you wouldn't want to, but some artists (especially when they're still building their web site) do want to exclude their name.  This feature is now live in your account and in the Marketing Center.


Improvements to Merriweather Template

As this template is in beta we have found a few more improvements that we've deployed.  Some templates are designed to only show a certain number of thumbnails on each row in the portfolio.  Merriweather is one of them and will show your artwork three across on each row.


Moved Thumbnail Settings into Design Center

We decided that the setting to determine how many thumbnails to display per row on your portfolio page is really a design feature and moved in out of "Works" and into the "Site Design Center".  It is now in the Site Design Center -> Advanced -> Template Settings.  Note - this feature is disabled if you use a template that does not allow the user to set the number of thumbnails per row (such as Merriweather as mentioned above).