FASO Releases the new Evoke Template

The new Evoke template


Along with all the new color palette choices that our developers have been working on lately, they've also been hard at work designing some new templates to use with your FASO website.  Today, we want to feature the new template, Evoke.  Evoke is one of our new Generation 3 templates and could be the new layout you've been looking for - it's a perfect backdrop for showcasing your amazing art.


If you need a reminder, some of the new features of our Generation 2 and 3 templates include:  


* Up to 13 main navigation categories

* built-in support for Facebook "like" buttons

* improved design and css capabilities

* improved email newsletter signup features

* PayPal "Buy Now" system upgraded and includes a shopping cart

* unlimited miscellaneous pages with new "pages" module

* much more


Interested in trying out the new Evoke template?  Here's how to add it to your site:


1.  From your FASO control panel home page, click on the Design link in the upper navigation bar.



2.  Then, click the link that says Change Your Site's Template



3.  Clicking the link that says Newest will sort the template so that Evoke will be near the top of the list.



4.  After sorting, you'll need to click on the image that says Evoke.


5.  It'll then show you a preview page. Click the link that says Use this template design on your site.


6.  You'll then get confirmation that changes have been made.



Some of our artists are already enjoying this new site style...


Contact the artist page http://coppermountainarts.com/contact



Collections page http://paulachristen.com/works




About/Bio page http://danryanfineart.com/about



Email newsletter sign up page http://schwenkart.com/email-newsletter




Blog page http://danryanfineart.com/blog


Evoke is still in beta, but we're pretty sure we've got all the kinks worked out.  :-)  As always though, if you do come across something that needs our attention, let tech support know.


If you've been excited about the new template and color palette releases lately, stay tuned... there's more on the horizon!




5 Responses to FASO Releases the new Evoke Template

Monika Hilleary
via faso.com
Hi there...Nice new designs. I asked this question before and presume it is still the same. Are we yet able to change the color palettes on the new designs? Some artist have certain colors as part of their branding. This allows for each site to be more unique as well, even though it's from a template.

The only other suggestion I have is to allow for user control over which images appear in the "new works" thumbnails. In my case, some of my images are portfolio images for services I provide. Thanks much!!!!!

Sandy Askey-Adams
via faso.com
I like these Carrie.
And I smm still debating about changing my site design yet.
I especially like Paula's home page with the paintings at the bottom of the page also.

I was wondering what the beige-like background color is on Barbara Minz's site?

I am also wondering how would I get my name to be in some kind of a script design?

How many listings can we have for the navigation list?

Thank you Carrie.

Carrie Turner
via faso.com

Only a select few of our templates are hard coded for colors. The rest can be changed at your discretion.

Please see this post to learn how to use the new color palette editor: http://faso.com/blog/62331/a-tour-of-the-new-color-palette-editor

:-) It's pretty simple and will allow for virtually limitless color combinations.

Carrie Turner
via faso.com

Barbara is using the Let Them Eat Cake color scheme so I believe her background color is #ECE5CE.

To get your name into a script design, it would be best to have a logo designed and then you can add it to your control panel. Please see this FAQ for further directions: http://faso.com/faq.asp?#144

The new generation 2 and 3 templates allow for 12 categories in your navigation bar. Old templates only allow 8.

Jay Steinke
via faso.com
I really appreciate how you are improving all aspects of FASO. I am so happy I settled on using you. Keep up the great work.

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