New Color Palettes, Notifications, iOS App, Control Panel, Short Login URL

This week was busy for development here at FASO although most of the changes have been behind the scenes in preparation for upcoming releases.

Here are a few of the public facing improvements we've shipped:

Improved Newsletter Signup Notification

When someone signs up for you email newsletter we now include your web address at the bottom of that notification email.  This is a minor change that was requested by some users who have more than one FASO account and, I admit, I've already noticed it's usefulness myself (since I have multiple FASO accounts)!

Back End changes in preparation for next iOS app

One of the top requests we've had from users of our iOS app is the ability to mark a piece of work "Sold".  Or, more generally, to specify the availability of the work.  While we haven't shipped the new version of the app, we did complete the necessary changes this week to support that feature on the server side.  Getting closer.....

Control panel improvements

We've noticed switching between some of the screens in our control panel creates a "jarring" context switch.  While the control panel upgrades are an ongoing process, we made good progress this week on making the experience much more consistent and streamlined across the different areas of the control panel.

New Color Palettes released

We released two more new color palettes! One called "Sand" and one called "Pearl".  We seem to be on an island life theme lately!  You can preview them in your control panel by clicking Design -> Choose or Create a Different Color Palette -> Show Newest and then click the one you want to see. 


Short Login URL

Sometimes getting to our login page, especially on mobile is a bit of a pain.  Now you just visit http://my.faso.com and we'll take you to the correct login page!




Clint Watson

FASO Founder, Software Craftsman, Art Fanatic