6 Fresh Color Palettes for Your FASO Website

Once again, FASO's developers have been hard at work designing beautiful new color schemes for our members.  Sand, Pearl, Lighthouse, Island Life, Nightstorm, and Spring are the results of their hard work and we're pleased to share them with you today.


If you've been thinking about making changes to your site, let's take a further look at the new color schemes to see which one is the best fit for you.



Reminiscent of a summer day at the beach, Sand delivers a clean, fresh look with a classic combination of blue, teal, brown and beige.  








Pretty in pink without going overboard, Pearl is a wonderful color scheme filled with beautiful pastels accented by soft punches of teal and black.






The blues and greys of a stormy sea make up the core of this color scheme and like a beacon on a dark night, flashes of rust will help you navigate safely to where you need to go.




Island Life

Crisp color combinations of blue, yellow, grey and white will lend your website a breezy look - viewers will reach for their favorite summer drink while looking at your art.





Night Storm

Teal, blue and white are featured in a near monochromatic color scheme, shifting the focus to your art - exactly where you want it to be.






Just like the first peek of a flower bulb after a long winter, a fresh pop of orange amidst this garden of traditional neutrals will leave visitors smiling, happy, and in the mood to freshen up their surroundings - perhaps with your art!




If any of these new color palettes strike your fancy and you'd like to try one out, it's simple to do.


Login to your control panel home -->Site Design Center -->Choose or Create a Different Color Palette -->Click on Show Newest -->Choose your palette.  


You can use these palettes as is or you can tweak individual details to make them an even better fit for your perfect website look.  As a bit of a teaser, a future article will showcase just how easy it is to start with a pre-made template and customise it until it's perfect for what you need.


FASO Websites - as unique as the artists who create them.




3 Responses to 6 Fresh Color Palettes for Your FASO Website

Ruth Winger
via faso.com
I like the colour selection called Night Storm

Ruth Winger
via faso.com
I choose the sand pallet.
Thanks, Ruth Winger

valerie kent
via faso.com
I had someone complain today that the color palette I was using had a color font that he could not read on his phone. So I am going to try Island Life and see how that is.