Keep Your Artist Website Updated: Remember to provide current information

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I wear several hats as a member of the FASO team. I've learned a few things about artists and their websites in the process. Most importantly, there is a need for artists to keep their artist websites updated. Outdated information on an artist website is at the top of my pet peeve list... it is the bane of my existence as a writer. That said, current information on your website is vital for potential art buyers as well. Consider the following to be a friendly reminder to keep your artist website updated.


I feel that it is important to share a few details with anyone who is new to FASO before I jump too far ahead concerning this issue. For those who don't know: I serve as a regular contributing writer for FineArtViews, work with the team that maintains the FASO Daily Art Show Pinterest board -- and Staff Picks from the FASO Daily Art Show blog series, help with the BoldBrush Painting Contest, serve as an art consultant / art critic for Carrie Turner's FASO Featured Artists (FFA) blog series, and help to facilitate debate about art marketing on the FASO Forum. Needless to say, I view a lot of artwork -- and artist websites -- on a daily basis. Unfortunately, outdated artist website information is a common trend that I've observed as a member of the FASO team.


With the above in mind, I like access to current information when I help to select or promote artists for these various FASO initiatives. That goes 10 fold if I'm writing about the artist. As a writer I strive to offer current / factual information about artists to readers -- artists should strive to offer the same to their website visitors (which may include potential buyers, gallery owners, and art writers).


I learned years ago about the importance of fact checking when writing about artists. I experienced a few 'school of hard knocks' moments as the Senior Editor of Myartspace. In other words, I have caught artists fibbing about details in the past (exhibits that never took place, degrees that were never earned, awards that don't exist... I've seen it all). In other cases, the artists simply forgot to keep information current. That said, an innocent mistake does not change the fact that the outdated information is misleading.


For example, I will do some investigating if an artist lists himself or herself as being currently represented by a specific art gallery -- especially if I plan to mention that information in a write-up about the artist. I want to be able to visit the gallery website and see the artist listed under the current roster of represented artists. Anything less sends up red flags. It often turns out that the artist was, in fact, represented by the gallery... years ago when he or she first added the information to his or her artist website. That outdated information should be changed.


The outdated information mentioned in the above example -- listed as if it is current -- is not helpful to me OR potential buyers. The outdated information can cause unnecessary confusion if the buyer contacts the art gallery directly. After all, the gallery may be under new ownership and have no knowledge of the artist. In extreme cases, it can cause the potential buyer to doubt the honesty of the artist-- he or she may assume that the artist is making information up. This negativity can be avoided simply by keeping your artist website updated.


I can't stress this enough: Keep the information current if you happen to have a section on your artist website that lists current art gallery representation. Make sure to update other information as needed. It may help to schedule a once a month evaluation of your artist website content. It may be a 'headache' to keep your website updated (I know that most of you would rather be in the studio)... but it sure beats the 'headache' of having to explain yourself when 'called out' for misleading information.


In closing, your artist website may be the first 'foot in the door' when a potential buyer is introduced to your artwork. That first impression should be a good one. It is vital to include updated / current information. You don't want the artist website experience to turn into a guessing game... provide your website visitors with updated information. Everyone benefits from current information about YOU.


Take care, Stay true,


Brian Sherwin




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2 Responses to Keep Your Artist Website Updated: Remember to provide current information

Bill Werle
via faso.com
Thanks for the reminder, Brian. Appreciate it.

~ Bill

Tuva Stephens
via faso.com
Thanks Brian, I agree it is important to be mindful of the changes that need to made to an artist's website. I use my business cards to promote my website when people ask about my art. It is important to keep it current.

I have a few paintings I need to photograph and post on my website. I usually post awards/exhibitions immediately.

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