Four New Color Palettes for your FASO Website

Over the last few months, we've discussed several exciting new releases, including upgrades to the newsletter feature, social media additions, and a new site design center.  Today, let's talk about a more visual aspect of your website - the color scheme.  Our developers have designed four new palettes and we're excited to hear what you think about our latest efforts.


Dark Knight

Inspired by Batman himself, the Dark Knight color palette evokes an air of mystery and intrigue without being overly dark or bleary.  As a bonus, we have a teaser for those who might consider themselves fans of the caped crusader: an upcoming template release appropriately named Gotham.



Email newsletter sign up page on Dark Knight


Works page on Dark Knight





Featuring a minimal color palette of white and grey, Rainforest shifts your focus to the artwork and other important details, while also giving you perfectly proportioned pops of green to enliven the scheme.




Email newsletter sign up page on Rainforest



Works page on Rainforest




Striking Violet

For those of you that enjoy the color of royalty but shy away from fear of a grapey or dated look, Striking Violet is your answer.  Paired with classic greys and a contrasting green, Striking Violet is the just right amount of purple to give your site a regal, modern look.



Email newsletter sign up page on Striking Violet


Works page on Striking Violet




St. Valentine

An ode to love and all things desirable, the St. Valentine color palette imbues a rich array of pinks and reds to create a passionate environment perfect for falling in love with your art.



Email newsletter sign up page on St. Valentine


Works page on St. Valentine




If any of these new color palettes resonate with your creative spirit and you'd like to try one out, it's simple to do.


Login to your control panel home -->Site Design Center -->Choose or Create a Different Color Palette -->Click on Show Newest -->Choose your palette.  If you need more information, you can read about the new site design center here.


You can use these palettes as is or you can tweak individual details to make them an even better fit for your perfect website look.


FASO Websites - as unique as the artists who create them.


9 Responses to Four New Color Palettes for your FASO Website

Susan M
via faso.com
I rather like the Valentine but the rest are very contemporary and may work for some. I do Southwestern Art and the one color palette I would like to see is one in Earth tones ( red ocher , mustard or yellow ocher, malachite, and such) or even Turquoise and coral tones. I am currently tweaking one of the enhanced versions but it is still a bit hard for me to get it just right.

Roberta Dunn
via faso.com
I like "Striking Violet" and "the Dark Knight"
They are classic looking and do not overshadow the artwork.

Cathy de Lorimier
via faso.com
I like the rainforest very much for its simplicity and legibility. My eyes get weary trying to read on a black background as in Dark Knight. However, I have created a red with black logo for my website, and need to keep up the red and white color scheme. I would prefer the border on the artwork to be black in St. Valentine. I think the red is too bright around the artwork.
Any idea if and when we might be able to incorporate our own logos?
Also, I'm wondering if these color schemes can be used as a base, but tweaked to other colors by each artist? I haven't experimented with them yet because I'm waiting for the logo option, but just thought I'd ask.

via faso.com

You might try 2 Kool for Skool - it has some earth tones in it that you could possibly tweak to your preference.

I'll also pass along to the developers to add some Desert colored themes to their list.

via faso.com

You can tweak the colors of any of our pre-made color schemes to your liking.

If you're not sure what color code to change, you can always ask tech support to assist.

As for your logo - you can add that now.

Here's the FAQ on how to do that: http://faso.com/faq.asp?#134

via faso.com
Hi Clint. I appreciate all the work you guys have done, however to be honest, I am not fond of any of the color combinations. Teal and brown?? They all look pretty dated and intense. I would suggest some outside market research in stores to see what colors are happening with some of the brands. Though I am not suggesting these colors, but the cosmetic companies do a beautiful job with their color combinations.

via faso.com

Sorry to hear you're not happy with any of the palettes we've released.

We do have a solution though...you can design a color palette of your choosing.

We wrote a post yesterday about the new color palette editor...it tells you all about it here:


Hope that helps you out.

Clint Watson
via faso.com
In addition, we've also released more color palettes since this article was written.

via faso.com
Thanks Carrie and Clint. I will check it out.