How to Verify Your FASO Website on Pinterest

UPDATE:  Pinterest has rolled out some changes that affect the look of verification process so we've written a new post with fresh images to walk you through this process.  You can read the new post HERE.




Marketing your art via social media can be an important part of your art business and Pinterest is certainly garnering it's share of attention.  One feature that Pinterest offers is the placement of a link on your Pinterest profile page that goes to your website.  Many FASO users have started requesting tech support assistance in verifying their websites with Pinterest as part of the process of adding your URL to your profile.  


Why would you need to verify your website with Pinterest?


Pinterest users are interested in verifying their websites with Pinterest because without the verification, your profile doesn't show your URL.  Instead, it shows a little globe icon.  The globe icon does work and will take a viewer to your website, however, the URL isn't displayed.


Pinterest profile with unverified website


Pinterest profile with a verified website


At the time, we were unable to assist with this process because Pinterest defaulted to verifying the site by HTML upload and FASO does not support HTML uploads.  When asked, Pinterest admitted the process had its limitations because many other services do not support the upload of HTML, either. They promised a more robust solution based on meta tags and until that time, we all made do with the globe icons.


Recently, Pinterest did develop the alternative method of using meta tags and we're happy to say that we support this process to verify your site.  


Here's how to obtain the Pinterest verification meta tag.


1.  Go to your Pinterest profile page and click on Edit Profile.



2.  Then, scroll down to the box that says website.  Add your URL and click the Verify Website button.



3.  You'll be taken to a page that has HTML instructions.  Don't follow those.  Under the instructions, you'll see a link that says "Can't upload a file? Verify with a meta tag".  Click that link.



4.  You'll then see the instructions for verifying with a meta tag.

It will look something like this:

Once you have the meta tag code, do the following:

1.  Login to the FASO Control Panel
2.  Drop Down Menu (upper right by your avatar)
3.  Account Settings
4.  Set Google Verification/Extra Meta Tags
5.  Extra Meta Tag Name = p:domain_verify
6.  Extra Meta Tag Content = whatever is in the content portion of the meta tag - in our example it would be “somebiglongrandomcode”
7.  Save changes.




Once you've added the meta tag, give it about 10 or 15 seconds.  Then, go back to Pinterest and click the link that says:  Click here to complete the process

Once you click the link, it will try to verify the site and let you know whether it was successful or not.



Something to remember during this process...


It is not necessary to verify your site with Pinterest unless you want your link to appear in full in your profile. Without the verification, a link to your website will still appear in your profile, however, it will be a little icon that looks like a globe instead of spelled out in full.


Also, Pinterest only verifies top level domains[1].  What does that mean, exactly?  You can verify a domain that looks like this:  www.faso.com but not domains that looks like this:  www.faso.com/fineartviews.  How does this affect you?  If you're using a service like Facebook or Etsy for your "website", you're not going to be able to verify your URL as your "site" is really just a profile page on their website and not truly a website of your own.


If you're a Pinterest user and you've been awaiting the chance to add your full URL to your Pinterest profile, wait no longer.  Share your URL and share your art.  It enriches life, you know.





[1] While Pinterest states that they only verify top level domains, we were able to verify sites hosted on subdomains.  It will verify a SITE but not a folder under a site.  A site can be hosted on a domain (artistname.com) or on a subdomain (artistname.fineartstudioonline.com) but both are SITES.  So you couldn't verify your Facebook page because Facebook pages live in folders, just like Twitter profiles (i.e. twitter.com/username).  Basically, if you require a slash after the ".com" to get to some kind of subfolder, you can't verify it.

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Olivia Alexander
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Tried it but it's not working so far, will try again!

Kathleen Casey
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Thanks so much for this info. It was very helpful. It worked perfectly the first time.

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