FASO Upgrades Who Opened Feature in Email Newsletters

Many of you have heeded our oft spoken advice and regularly send email newsletters to your fans and collectors. In following with that process, several FASO members find the details regarding their sent newsletters fascinating and even helpful in shaping their art marketing programs. In order for you to make the most of that information, we've upgraded the Who Opened feature of the newsletter program and have included various requested details that may help you in determining the direction your email newsletter should take.


To get to the details for your sent newsletter, login to your FASO control panel.

*Click on the email newsletter icon

*Click the link that says Click Here to login to the Email Newsletter System.


At this point, you should be able to see the titles for your sent newsletters. Click on the title of the newsletter you want to see results for and you should see a Who Opened link.


The information we now include:

* The person's email address

* The person's name, if we have it, listed just under their email address

* How many times that person opened the newsletter (to the best we can determine)

* The date and time of the first opening of the newsletter

* The date and time of the most recent opening of the newsletter

* The user agent string (browser, operating system, etc)

* The IP address




In addition, each column heading can be clicked on to sort the information. For example, if you want to see who opened the newsletter the most times, click on "Opens" and it will sort most opens to least opens. Click it again and it will reverse the sort. Likewise, on email addresses one click sorts A-Z, the next click sorts Z-A.


A quick note about the number of times opened...


When looking at this info, you should take these numbers as rough estimates. For example, opens won't show for a subscriber with images disabled due to the requirement of a tracking pixel to be able to track opens. Therefore, some of the people not listed may have actually seen the newsletter - we just can't track that. Also, sometimes one or two people seem to open the newsletter A LOT of times (one recent instance showed one person opening the newsletter over 100 times). That doesn't mean the person is actually looking at it that many times. It also doesn't mean that person is the "most engaged". It could be a quirk of the person's email program or it could be as simple as it's the top item in their inbox and every time they switch tabs to their email program it records another "open".


The takeaway from this? Use the information that helps but don't get so wrapped up in the numbers that it consumes your time and attention...we'd much rather you use that level of focus and energy in the studio.


More improvements are coming in the future but for now, we wanted to make sure you knew about the existence of this data. Sharing Art Enriches Life and an email newsletter can help you share your art with the world.

2 Responses to FASO Upgrades Who Opened Feature in Email Newsletters

James Minden
via faso.com
I use the newsletter feature but only to send announcements for my shows, which only happen 3 or 4 times a year, at most. I recently got some feedback from someone who I tried to add to my list. He unsubscribed because the verification asked him if he wanted to be "subscribed" to my "newsletter". He told me he didn't want to receive "newsletters" but my announcements would be okay. I receive newsletters from some organizations on a daily or weekly basis and also feel it is a bother. It seems that there is a perception that subscribing to a newsletter means lots of emails. This is a problem because of the use of the word "newsletter" and "subscription" by FASO. If FASO called it an "(artist's name) email list" and asked new people if they "wanted to be on the list" or "to receive occasional emails" it doesn't sound as potentially bothersome.

Clint Watson
via faso.com
Just use the words "Join Email list" instead on your site. You can also change the message people receive when they subscribe which can explain how often you send and that it's only for announcements or whatever you wish.