FASO Releases the new Slate Custom Template

Geoff Brewster's site using the new Slate Custom template


Many of you were very excited about the design of the Slate Orange 2012 template that we released last year, but the orange color scheme just didn't suit everyone's tastes.  In response to the positive feedback about the layout, our developers got to work on our latest enhanced template - Slate Custom (Beta).


Since we quietly enabled it in our control panel in December, several artists are already using this template on their sites with great success.


In case you forgot, some of the new features of our enhanced templates include:


* Up to 13 main navigation categories

* built-in support for Facebook "like" buttons

* improved design and css capabilities

* improved email newsletter signup features

* PayPal "Buy Now" system upgraded and includes a shopping cart

* unlimited miscellaneous pages with new "pages" module

* much more



Here's what Richard Abraham's new portfolio looks like with Slate Custom:





And here's a detailed view of Carol McIntyre's works page...




And here is the sidebar widget using Slate Custom.  In case you hadn't noticed this feature, it shows your recent works, most recent blog posts, upcoming events, and has a quick sign up box for your email newsletter.




Intrigued by the new layout and want to try it for yourself?  It's easy to make the switch - here's how:


Control panel home -> Site design center -> Change Your Site's Template ->Choose Slate Custom 


The Slate Custom template is still in beta development, so while we're pretty sure we've got all the details worked out, if anything arises, you'll want to let tech support know.


FASO's Slate Custom  template - a modern look for your FASO website.




7 Responses to FASO Releases the new Slate Custom Template

Robin Roberts
via faso.com
I like this template overall but I have one thing I would like to see revised. The bar at the top under the site name is just taking up space that could allow the art be more towards the top. I would love to see that gone. Or, allow us to put a graphic in that spot. Perhaps we can and I don't know how yet.

One other thing I would like to see on the home page is the option of rotating images or graphics to call attention to more paintings at once or have a couple images and a couple upcoming events. You get the picture.

Great job overall though.


Clint Watson
via faso.com
Robin - the bar houses the title of the page (you can see that on some of the other examples). Some artists choose to put a site description on their home page and some don't - those that don't end up with a blank bar on this template, but every other page would have the title in that bar.

Our support team should be able to hide that bar though with a custom change if you wanted it.

George De Chiara
via faso.com
The new template is really cool, but...
I use a custom image on the top of my page and that bar goes right through the middle of it and the image seems to be too big for the template, but I don't have any options to re-size it. Is there a way to either have it fit correctly at the top by either giving us a way to crop and edit the photo OR can you tell me the correct size to make the image so it doesn't have this issue?


Clint Watson
via faso.com
George - I don't think you're going to be able to make it more than about 70px tall on this design.

If you want to use a custom logo like that it's just a lot less space on this design.

Here's what Richard Abraham did: http://abacam.fineartstudioonline.com/

George De Chiara
via faso.com
Thanks Clint! Love the new template just wish that bar was a bit thinner and there was more room for an image at the top. When I tried to make my current one fit it was just was too small. If it could be about 140 px tall and go across the whole top it would just about perfect. I'll have to keep messing with the smaller version to see if I can one I like.

Lee Mitchelson
via faso.com
I switched to the slate template, I did like it, however, it is HUGE and extends larger than the screen and larger than the devonshire which I reverted to. I don't know how to reset the size if I use slate when on full screen mode.

Jim Benest
via faso.com
I just switched over and overall like the look and presentation. There seems to be a lot of unused space that requires more scrolling to get to all of the info on a page. I also found that the links that I put in my blogs are not hi-lighted and can only be found if you happen to run the cursor over them. Because of these two reasons I'll most likely go back to the template that I was using before.

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