FASO Launches New Site Design Center

~ updated 12/24/2015 


At long last we've beta launched a new "Site Design Center".  The SDC is a more streamlined, visual way to choose templates, change colors and, in general, edit the look and feel of your site.  During this beta phase, if you have issues with the Site Design Center, don't worry, we still have the old screens for choosing templates and colors in place while we work out any lingering "kinks" with the new system!  Our goal is to evolve the site design center into a "one stop shop" for allowing you to influence the look and feel of your FASO website.



Ready to learn more about this new feature?



How to Use our New Site Template Selector


1.  To get started, you'll need to either


a. click on the Design Icon ~ top row of your control panel home screen. 


b. or click Site Design Center link on the left side.




2.  There, you'll see your options and a preview of how your site currently looks.





3. If you click on the link that says Change your site's template, you'll see the many template options that FASO offers.  




If you take a closer look, we've even gone so far as to tell you if the new site style will work with your current color scheme.





4.  Once you decide you'd like to try out a template, click on it and you'll be presented with an option to make it your new style.




If you're not quite ready to commit and would like to see the style "in action", you'll see that we've included links to other artist websites that use the particular template style that you're considering.  You'll be able to see how each artist adapts the style to make it their own.


If you've fallen in love with a style, Click the blue button that says Use This Template Design on your site and voila! You'll see the following screen (after a short delay during which we apply the style template to your site):




Click exit and you'll be returned to main screen of the site design center, at which point the screen will update and show you what your site looks like with its newly selected template.




How to Use Our New Site Color Palette System


We've also applied our new technology to your color scheme selection area - making it easy and quick to freshen up the colors on your website.


On the main page of the site design center, you'll see an option to "Choose or Create a Different Color Palette."


You'll be presented with all of the pre-made color palettes that we offer.  Choose the palette you like most and apply it to your site.  




If you don't want to use a pre-made color palette, you can create your own.  When you're on the page with the pre-made color schemes, if you look upper right of your screen, there are options to see your color schemes or to make a new one.



A view of your color schemes that you've designed.

If you've not designed a color palette in the new design center, it'll show as a blank page.



There are two ways to create your own color palette.  If you like an existing FASO palette, you can click the "Clone" link underneath any given palette and our software will make an exact copy of the palette, which you can then "tweak" until you get it the way that you want it.


If you would rather create a new color palette from scratch, then click "Create a New Color Palette" and  here's what you'll see:




At this point, you can enter the 6 digit hexidecimal code for the color you want or you can click on the color picker and make your colors that way.


Once you've created your chosen palette, hit submit and the color palette will be created.  During the creation phase, we've limited the number of fields to just a handful.  However, once you've clicked "submit" you will be able to drill down and edit nearly 60 individual site elements, if you choose to get so detailed in your colors (please note that not all templates use every element).


Applying the color  palette to your site is nearly identical to selecting a new template.  You simply click on the color palette that you want and you'll see a little sample preview of what that color palette looks like.   Then you simply click the blue button that says "Use this color palette on your site".  Our system will apply the palette and take you back to the site design center home screen and update the screen to show you your site with the new colors.


Now that we've built this Site Design Center we anticipate being able to rapidly add additional templates and color palettes! (and actually have a few waiting in the wings to launch.....)


If you've been thinking about an update to your FASO website but have been putting it off, now's a great time to sit down, explore the new site design center and give your site a fresh look.


Remember, Sharing Art Enriches Life.




The FASO Team

22 Responses to FASO Launches New Site Design Center

Robin Roberts
via faso.com
Is there any talk about making matching newsletter templates? I would love to start a newsletter but I am kind of lost as to where to find a template to start with and then how to make it tie into my site design at least by color.


Clint Watson
via faso.com
As far as newsletters go, our future plans are outlined here, as well as a beta test of the new newsletter system that you can start using now: http://faso.com/clintavo/52736/early-artful-mail-preview

My plan in 2013 is to have a feature for the newsletters than lets you pull in the same color palette as your website if you wish for them to "match"

Robin Roberts
via faso.com
Great. Thank you. I'll give it a go.

Marilyn Webberley
via faso.com
Q: Is the site I now have, saved as a master copy allowing me to go back to it and compare different sections with a new templet? And, while working with a new template, does the online version remain the same ”" so the trial does not go public until I decide to keep it?

Clint Watson
via faso.com

No, when you switch to a new template, the switch is "for real", however, you should be able to easily switch back to the previous template.

Diane Taselmyer
via faso.com
Clint, You sure have hit the nail right on the head with this feature which tells you if a web color scheme compliments the work it is showing.!!!!!

I cannot tell you how many artist websites' colors, all over the internet, DO NOT show their work in a good color setting. I just assumed that the artists were too busy to fix it.

but then what is the point of showing your work on the web if you are now showing it to it's best advantage. dahhhhhhh

This is just another terrific reason to recommend people to use FASO for their website. You truly get inside the artist' heads!!!

Deborah Zibah
via faso.com
Hi Clint,
My current website is giving me a headache! I find it very difficult to negotiate and as a result I neglect to update it regularly.
Please send me details of costs.
Many thanks

Susan Tyler
via faso.com
I really like the color scheme choices. Much better!

Rosemarie Adcock
via faso.com
Hi I tried to use the color pallette chocolate and burgund, and when I tried to adjust the header link colors and hover link colors to lighten them a bit, it won't save the change.It appears hard to see in current pallette with that beautiful dark background for the header.

Sandra Busby
via faso.com
I wondered if there is a way of previewing how my own site would look before committing?
Many thanks

sylvio gagnon
via faso.com
What is the cost? Thank you

via faso.com
Clint, what's missing for me is a template that would make it easier for my workshop students to sign up for class and pay online. Currently I am exploring another site just for my studio classes for this purpose. Currently it's great for individual port folio.s and online artwork sales but it would be wonderful if I could build it to accommodate my classes and studio workshops as well and stay with FASO . Is there any option?

Birgitta Baker
via faso.com
I would like to try this new site but am a novice as to websites and think it sounds a bit complicated. What costs are involced?
Thank you, Birgitta

Sher Dunshee-Menton
via faso.com
I recently learned that I would need to change templates as my original choice is not compatible with Facebook so just another nudge forward...progress. We can hope....as an older artist, I'm not that technically adept. Here's hoping it's as easy as you make it sound!

Nancy Park
via faso.com
I don't remember the log-in for my site, and that's why I haven't updated it in a long time. I qould love to look at the new templates, and add a lot more paintings that I've done. Should I create a new log-in or do you still have my original?

Paul Baresic
via faso.com
I received an e-mail from an old friend of mine and didn't have a chance to reply. About 3 to 6 weeks ago. I erased the e-mail and now cannot remember who it was. Is there a way for you to tell me who left me a message?
thank you,
Paul Baresic

Deena Millecam
via faso.com
I tried using a new color palate for my home page and wahoo, it worked. I just need to try the new design template for my Works section.
Each year you provide more and more new designs. But more than this, you make it possible to actually understand how to use them.
Thanks for your commitment to all of us. It is so nice to work with FASO!

rhonda scott
via faso.com
I started a FASO website a couple of years ago and then dropped it. I would like to reinstate it, but have no idea of passwords, etc. and I don't want to reinvent the wheel.

Can you help?

Geoff Musseau
via faso.com
Hi, I have tried your fee trial and love it , but I have been away at camp working an haven't had much time to work on my new site , so if and when i do purchase my site do it get uploaded to the public before it's finished , or can I get a extension on my free trial so I can't week it the way that want Thanks

Suzanne Kish
via faso.com
You say that every month that there are new templates. Could you please list which ones are new so that I don't need to go over all of them again?

If you have already done this, I must have missed it.

via faso.com


Rob Templin
via faso.com
Does anyone sell on the aweb?