Thank You for Believing in Us

Think back to when you first started your FASO trial... how did you find us?  Many of you started your FASO trial without any working knowledge of how we operate - maybe you found us via a random search for artist websites or maybe you were a reader of FineArtViews and saw us mentioned there.  Others of you chose us as your webhost because of a recommendation from someone you know.  Regardless of how you found us, we're glad you're here.  


After a new member has had the chance to get to know FASO better, a lot of times we find that they, in turn, will suggest FASO's services to their peers.  We know and understand the value of word of mouth advertising - you're trusting us to provide your friends and colleagues with the same great service that you've received... and we appreciate that vote of confidence.


So, to reward you for spreading the good word about FASO, we wanted to make sure you knew about our referral program.


Invite a Friend Referral Program


Benefits - for you and them

Every person you refer will get a 90 day free trial instead of the customary 60 day trial.  That's 30 more days to get comfortable with their site and, well, it's free!  During this time they get access to our remarkable artist support agents to answer any questions they may have and full access to the control panel.


And, for telling your friends about us, you get a little something, too.  When the person you refer becomes a paying client, you'll get 2 months of free website service.  Refer as many friends as you like... there's no limit.  Just think - refer 6 people and you could get one year's worth of free service!!!


How can you make this happen?


1.  Login to your FASO control panel.

2.  Click the link that says Get 2 months free (lower left side)

3.  There, you'll see your special Invite a Friend link.  You can manually give that link to anyone you'd like or we've made it even simpler.  Just click the link that says Invite a Friend Now.  

4.  Enter your friend's email address and we'll send a note to them on your behalf with your sign up link.


Track All of Your Referrals Online

How do you keep track of all your referals? With our Refer-A-Friend tracking system, you'll always know where you stand. From the "Manage Your Referrals" link you can see who has signed up and see how much money you have been credited. Easy peasy - nothing extra for you to keep track of... you know how important it is for us to make things simple and quick so you can get back to the studio.


Whether we have a long standing relationship with you or we've just recently become acquainted - if you're impressed enough to talk about us, we want to make sure you know how much we appreciate you bragging about us to your friends.




2 Responses to Thank You for Believing in Us

Phil Lachapelle
via faso.com
I know how this is. I referred three clients.
FASO is the only way to go!

via faso.com
This is just great.

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