Domains - A nuts and bolts lesson Part 2

Last week, we talked about domains and how to determine which type is a better fit.  This week, we'll discuss your options if you've decided a personalized domain is the right choice for you.


All week you may have been thinking, "But I already own a domain - how can I get my domain to work with my FASO site?"  You have 2 options - you can POINT it or TRANSFER it.  No idea what either of those options mean?  Read on.


POINTING [1] means that you update the nameservers to FASO nameservers but you still need to maintain a relationship with your current registrar to keep your domain renewed and working correctly with your FASO site.  FASO does not manage your domain with this option so it's imperative that you keep track of your domain login information and the expiration date of your domain.


It makes for a frightened and upset artist to realize that communication with your registrar has failed, your domain has lapsed and it might not be possible to get your domain back any time soon or, in some cases, ever.  Redeeming an expired domain can be costly and time consuming.  Please don't let this be you.


TRANSFERRING [2] means you move the domain to FASO and we become your new registrar.  We manage your domain by keeping it renewed and working with your FASO site.   By not having to remember the expiration date, this means there's one less thing on your busy to do list and depending on your plan[3], it could make more financial sense to transfer because you won't have to shell out renewal fees.


What if I don't have a personalized domain but I need one...


If you've decided that managing a domain is not anything you want to undertake, but you do want to get a personalized domain, you should register one via your FASO control panel.  Just click on the manage domains link in your control panel, click the link that says Click here to check availability and register a New Domain Name and then follow the prompts.


As an added bonus, FASO Gold plan members get one free domain renewal per year. Not on the Gold plan? Intro, Intro +, and Basic members can follow those steps to register a personalized domain, too. Domain renewals for those plans are $15/year and we take care of making sure it's renewed and working correctly.


In the last couple of weeks, we've covered a lot of ground and have pointed out options for managing your domain.  In case your head is spinning, here's a recap of today's lesson:  

  • You can point or transfer a domain you already own.  
  • Pointing means you bear the responsibility for keeping things afloat - transferring shifts that responsibility to us.  
  • If you don't own a domain, you can register one through your control panel and we'll manage it for you.





[1] If you want to point your domain, follow these instructions 



[2] If you want to transfer your domain, follow these instructions 



[3] Click here to see a complete list of plans, features and pricing.






4 Responses to Domains - A nuts and bolts lesson Part 2

Linda Hengst
via faso.com
Am I to assume that if I established my domain with faso that I do not need to worry about deadlines and transfers? I hope that's the case and you will notify me if I need to do something.

Carrie Turner
via faso.com

You are correct. Your domain LINDAHENGST.COM is registered through FASO and when it comes up for renewal, we'll handle that for you.

Martha Tisdale
via faso.com
don't you at FASO manage my domain so I don't have to transfer or point? probably same question as Linda Hengst above thanks.
Martha Tisdale

Martha Tisdale
via faso.com
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