FASO Releases the new Slate Orange 2012 Template

Nancy Riedell's home page - showcasing the New Slate Orange 2012 template


Today, we're happy to announce the release of our newest template - Slate Orange 2012.  Slate Orange 2012 is the first in a new series of templates being released in the coming months and we're pleased with the sleek, modern look.


Nancy has already taken notice of the new style and is using it on her site.  Click here to see it live.


Enhanced template highlights include:[1]  


1. Enhanced Templates contain more updated code and work better on today's faster internet.

2. Some pages, such as Events and Workshops, have new 'fields' that only function on the new Enhanced Templates.

3. Supported networks are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and an RSS feed.

4. The 'buy now' system has been upgraded and includes a shopping cart.

5. The Enhanced Template allows your website to be viewed on mobile devices - which is a rapidly growing trend.


Here is Nancy's collection page with the new template...



and here is an example of a single artwork.





You know how important we feel an integrated newsletter sign up page is - here's a shot of Nancy's sign up page.  Crisp, clean, simple to understand.




Note on Nancy's blog page, the social sharing buttons at the bottom of her blog post and the social media profile buttons at the top of her site are color coordinated to give it a very modern, 2012 look.


If you'd like to begin using the new Slate Orange 2012 template, it's only a few clicks away from happening.

1.  Go to your control panel home

2.  Click on Site Appearance

3.  Click on Templates

4.  Choose Slate Orange 2012

5.  Save changes.

Note:  You may need to hit refresh to see the changes reflected on your website.



FASO's Slate Orange 2012 template - leading artists one step further into the future of website design. 






[1]  If you need a refresher course on why you should switch to any of our enhanced template styles, read this


16 Responses to FASO Releases the new Slate Orange 2012 Template

Barbara Fracchia
via faso.com
I LOVE the new website and want to change mine completely. Can I call someone to take me thru step by step? Are the instruction easy enough for a real dummy on the computer? Help I really like this change.

Barbara Fracchia
via faso.com
My website is in dire need of a complete change.

Carrie Turner
via faso.com
@Carol - Thanks!

@Barbara - The instructions in the post will help you get the new template but if you run into any trouble, you can always enlist the help of our Positively Remarkable Support team. If a call would make you feel more comfortable, you can reach help at 877-327-6234 9AM to 9PM CST weekdays and 11AM to 4PM on weekends.

Barbara Fracchia
via faso.com
I am going to attack my website on Friday. there are so many paintings I wish to eliminate. It is time for a complete change and I might add I love the color orange.
So Carrie I will try and follow your instructions thank you so much.

Jeanne McLeish
via faso.com
Love the new slate/orange 2012 template. I use quite a bit of orange in my work and feel it gives my site a very put together look! Thanks.

Barbara Blair
via faso.com
I LOVE the new Slate Orange Template and have considered using it prior to this announcement. Although the orange does work with my coastal/tropical colors, I'd prefer to stick with my "branded" turquoise color used in my newsletter, business card, etc, and am wondering if this is an option in place of the orange color. Probably a custom item?

On that note, there may be others who really like it's clean contemporary look, but would prefer a different color than orange. You might consider offering this template in several other basic colors. It is a great look!

Clint Watson
via faso.com
Barbara - we do have plans to do different versions of the slate "slate blue", "slate green", etc. We're just working on some other goodies first. We have some new style templates coming up that allow multiple color themes like the older ones do.

Patt R Lemarie
via faso.com
I love it and used it since the day I signed up.
I am a new member - October 2012.

Pamela Ruschman
via faso.com
I changed it and it was a piece of cake. Clear instructions and very professional look. Thanks for making all of us look good!

Mary Ferrulli Barker
via faso.com
Yes, love it. Switched to it a couple of weeks ago. It should come in more colors, but I love how clean it is. :-) Nice work!

Teresa Tromp
via faso.com
I'm surprised at how that bright orange compliments my artwork.
The more neutral grey's tone it down and give it a really contemporary look.
Thank you!

Deborah Angilletta
via faso.com
I switched to the Beta of the slate orange template a couple weeks ago and love the clean contemporary look. I have had favorable comments from friends and potential customers. It puts the emphasis on the artwork. Great design!

Carrie Turner
via faso.com
I'm really glad to hear that you all like the template.

As Clint mentioned, other colors will become available at some point if you're not keen on the orange.

Thanks for the feedback!

Nancy Riedell
via faso.com
Thank you so much for using my site as your example. It has increased the traffic to my site tremendously. I have been using the Orange Slate template since Clint introduced it as beta. I absolutely love it. I have also found that it is easier to navigate and moves from page to page a lot quicker. I'm excited about the news that you'll be introducing new color-themed templates soon. But since I have a lot of browns, oranges, yellows, and reds in my art, the Orange Slate template works for me now. Thanks again for all the hard work you guys at FASO do. You really are top-notch! Nancy

Judy Mackey
via faso.com
I love the new look - as soon as I read the announcement - I switched - it is so contemporary! Thanks.

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