FASO's New Social Media Profile Buttons


We know that many of you enjoy connecting with your fans and followers on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


Plus, if a visitor to your website is a Facebook member, they might prefer to contact you on Facebook. If they're a Twitter user, maybe they prefer making contact on Twitter...you get the idea.


So, to make it easier for your collectors to find you on social media, we have released our new Social Media Profile Buttons feature.


Now, you can easily install social media icons on your website which link directly to your social media profiles so that your viewers can easily navigate to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or LinkedIn.  Plus, you can do this without random and unwieldy widgets and javascript clogging up the look and operation of your site.  When there's no uniformity to the buttons, your site can look bulky and unattractive.  Of course, some people like  their sites to look like NASCAR...


But seriously, check out how awesome Nancy Riedell's spiffy site (using our new Slate Orange Template) looks with her awesome, uniform, non-nascar social media profile buttons in the upper right:






In true FASO fashion, we've made it super simple to enable the buttons.


Here's how you do it:


1.  As always, we start out at control panel home and then you'll need to click on Contact the Artist.


2.  Next, you'll click the link that says Social Media Contact Buttons.




3.  There, you'll see the following instructions:

Enter the URLs to your various social media profiles. If you are using an enhanced template, we will add the appropriate buttons to your website.[1]  


4.  Enter your URLs, hit save changes, and we'll do the rest.




And here's how they look on your site (depending upon the site style you've chosen):



FASO's Social Media Profile Buttons - helping your collectors get closer to you and to your art.


On our older site styles, we simply made nice, classy buttons that match the default colors of each network, as pictured on Carrie's test site above.  On newer styles, starting with the slate orange (like Nancy Riedell's picture at the top), our designers are incorporating the buttons into the design and harmonizing the colors of the buttons to the color scheme of the design, which is a very "2012" thing to do.


We hope you enjoy our new Social Media Profiles feature and, remember, Sharing Art Enriches Life!




Clint Watson

FASO Founder, Software Craftsman, Art Fanatic





[1]Read this if you need a refresher on how to change your site style.  


17 Responses to FASO's New Social Media Profile Buttons

Penny Otwell
via faso.com
Thanks Clint! I just put on all my buttons and it was very easy.
Good job!

i use Social Media all the time for promoting my work and this is great to have it all on my website.

Again, thanks!


Jose Carrilho
via faso.com
Hi Clint and readers,

These buttons do offer the chance for visitors to learn more about the artist, namely how he/she connects beyond the website/blog and how influence he/she is, especially in what art is concerned.

However most artists connect with other artists and having buttons to lead viewers to social platforms that will give them access to other artists' work must be something well pondered.

Instead of leading to a Personal page on Facebook, the link should link to a Fans Page (I guess that now it's called Business Page) in my opinion.

I prefer to use buttons that lead people to my website or that permit them to share my work, such as the Like button that FASO makes available aside the artworks.

Kind regards,


Clint Watson
via faso.com

You are absolutely correct, I would recommend you use your fan page as your URL for the link. SInce you enter the URL yourself, you can link it to any page you wish on the target network. And, in fact, if you go to http://nancyriedellfinearts.com/ (the example FASO cust I used in the article) and click her facebook link, you'll notice that's exactly what she did.

Good point! We should have made that point in the article.

Mike Chaple
via faso.com
Hi Clint,

You keep making FASO a leading artist hub, by providing a very functional and easy to use web portal.

Best, Mike Chaple

Michael Wilson
via faso.com
Speaking as a previous graphic designer, why would you change spot colors of easily recognized, branded logos? and should you? Yes, they make your sight look nice and neat, but these companies have spent a lot of money making these stand out to be easily recognizable. I hope you followed their branding guidelines OR got their permission.

Michael Wilson
via faso.com
I quickly went to FB's branding guidelines FAQ's and read, "You may scale the size to suit your needs, but you may not modify the “f” logo in any other way without entering into a written licensing agreement with Facebook and obtaining Facebook's prior written approval."

Clint Watson
via faso.com
Michael - The reason we like it is because we're not trying to "sell" those brands, we're trying to create a focus on the art itself and create a brand image for the artist. It is a matter of preference though and I see it done that way on most nicely designed sites I visit, though not all. It is a very common practice and many professional graphic designers show the logo's in their site's colors.

Here's one: http://www.thedesigncore.com/

Here are some themes on the professional designer marketplace themeforest that also show the social network icons in the colors of the design:



And even Twitter's own blog changes Google Blogger's trademark orange to a grey to fit in with their colors: http://blog.twitter.com/

As I said, though, it's totally a personal preference and we have templates that handle it both ways. It's simply a design choice either way.

I don't believe it's cause for concern legally (although I am not a lawyer), given that it's such common practice throughout the industry, these social networks aren't likely to go after their customers in court for linking to them with tastefully done versions of their logos. They would have to show real, tangible damages to their brand for that to be worthwhile, and, in the case of trademarks, a likelihood of confusion in the mind of the consumer. We do keep up with the tech press daily and if that ever happens, we'll know the promptly about any such action is taken and, if necessary, we'll adjust those icons if that ever becomes an issue.

Thank you for asking, I appreciate it.

Clint Watson
via faso.com
Michael, if FB's guidelines are worrisome to you, please, by all means do not use the new template. As I said in my previous comment, it's very, very common practice, even among some facebook partners that I've seen.

Their branding statement doesn't specifically address color and we don't change the "f" itself. Given that it's so common, they don't appear to enforce that strictly and we would of course, remove it if they demanded it.

Again, we have templates (and will have more) that don't change the colors too, so if it concerns anyway, they can use those templates (or customize one)

Michael Wilson
via faso.com
In other words, you didn't get permission. I understand you like it. I understand others do it. That doesn't make it legal. It is a matter of preference - the preference of the company that owns the logo and copyrights. Twitter's change to Google Blogger's logo was probably under and within Google Blogger's branding guidelines. It is not a personal preference or a design choice. If that was true, you would see Coke's logo any the color of the rainbow. It is always red or white reverse. You're right, it is a common practice to illegally change other company's logos. As a former Sr. Graphic Designer, I think I have some cred here, and as a professional, I would have to have a written consent to change another companies logo. Period. Some companies are aggressive at policing, some are not. Good luck!

Clint Watson
via faso.com
Thanks for bringing it to our attention Michael. Please, I am not trying to upset you, I certainly didn't say you didn't have any cred, I believe you do have cred. I was simply responding to your question, "why would you change spot colors of easily recognized, branded logos?" I wanted you to know why we designed it that way, and I also wanted you to know that you (or anyone who was concerned) wouldn't be forced to use them that way on their own website.

When you said "speaking as a graphic designer" I thought you were concerned about the design, which is mainly what I was answering. Your follow ups make it clear you were really concerned more with legal things than design things.

Thank you for pointing out these concerns. It is not something anybody will be forced to use on their own site and we will look further into the branding guidelines you pointed out.

Thank you again for sharing that info.

Michael Wilson
via faso.com
I'm not upset at all (I was a graphic designer now a fine artist - I have skin like a bison.) Please update when you contact Facebook. I'm interested in what you discover. I think you'll be surprised at how ferociously these large companies police and protect their branding and copyrights.
PS This would be a great blog subject to educate people on copyright issues.

Cecilia Rosslee
via faso.com
I would like to link my Pinterest account to my FASO website so that my followers can see my URL and link back. In order to do this Pinterest wants me to verify the account, but I am not too sure how to go about doing this.
The file I need to download is: http://ceciliarosslee.com/pinterest-c387f.html but I am not sure where the 'footer' is.....
I only know how to paint...I hope....
Please let me know what to do!!!

Clint Watson
via faso.com
We don't support pinterest's current verification method because allowing html uploads is a security risk in our case (this is common for many services). Pinterest acknowledged this problem is a limitation of their methodology and promises other verification methods in the future here, "We're looking into other methods for verification, such as verifying via HTML meta tags, and we hope to offer more options soon." https://support.pinterest.com/entries/22217383

Having said this, you don't need to verify your site to link to Pinterest, you can simply enable our built-in social media profile link for pinterest and and the pinterest logo will appear on every page of your site with a link to your profile.

We will continue to investigate ways we could allow this in a secure fashion.

Lizabeth Thompson
via faso.com
I was intersted on how to get the URL' for my Facebook Art page, Pinterest, Linked-in and Twitter. i am not computer savy at all so It has to be literally spelt out for me where and how to get the URL's cause I am clueless.
Also, I was reading the letter above about the verification of website on Pinterst. I have the same problem as that lady. People have report my paintings on there as a site that is possible Spam or worse. So, fams on Pinterested are red lettering my name and website.
Help me please!!! Help!!!
lizabeth T

Lizabeth Thompson
via faso.com
Oh my, many typos above....So sorry!

José Carrilho
via faso.com
Hi Lizabeth,

I guess that your doubts will soon be cleared up by any of the people at FASO.
However if that doesn't happen in the next few days, just contact me and I'll try to help.
I can't remember now how I've verified my website on Pinterest, or even if I did :-)
But I'm sure it won't be much of a problem.
As for Facebook and Twitter, that's fairly easy.
Since we're talking about getting one's website verified, there's also an option to get it verified by Google. I guess it's on the panel's advance options.
Also don't forget to add your meta tags.

Take care,


Clint Watson
via faso.com
Lizabeth -

On the Pinterest verification - they've change it a bit - are you using our updated instructions?

Here's a link to the updated Pinterest verification instructions:


On the FAcebook URL. You log in to Facebook and click on your name in the upper right (next to your little photo). Then copy everything in your browser's address bar - the will be the URL that you copy and paste into the Facebook URL field in the FASO Control Panel.

I'll ask our editor to write up an article on this that's more detailed with screenshots. But in the meantime, if my short description here doesn't make sense, contact our support team and we'll be happy to help you get it set up!

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