FASO Releases Simplified Daily Statistics View

Remember this article about the recently improved FASO stats?


Our development team has been hard at it again and they've just deployed an awesome feature to an already cool stats page.


When you look at your summary page, note that, by default, it shows you a monthly view of the past 30 days.


See how each day has a little larger "point" where the line changes direction? 





What do you suppose those points do?  Click it on any "point" and you'll get a breakdown for that specific day.  Below is the daily view that we got by clicking on the tip of the spike on September 24th:






The Specifics


The info you'll get in each breakdown:

  • Top Referring Domains
  • Top Referring URLs
  • Top Referring Search Phrases
  • Most Popular Web Pages on Your Website
  • Traffic Sources

This information is particularly useful for investigating spikes in your traffic.  You can now more easily match up increases in your visitor stats to your newsletters or blog posts and other marketing efforts.  


It's also a great way to see if your marketing campaign is really effective - are you getting real traffic or just tire kickers?  Knowing the difference is important.



Can You See Where We're Going With This?


We've been fairly vocal regarding how we feel about winding yourself into a frenzy over stats, keywords, and SEO.  However, we know that it's useful to keep an eye on your numbers, so we decided we should make it simple, quick and easy, so you can get back where you belong:  off the computer and back to the studio.






11 Responses to FASO Releases Simplified Daily Statistics View

Carolyn Henderson
via faso.com
I like this. I like this a lot, and I have been incorporating it into our marketing plans.

I also like that you have stats on the newsletter, so that I don't have to burrow around in the e-mail newsletter section of our site and see how things are going.

You people are awesome!

via faso.com
Another helpful and easy to use tool for my helpful and easy to use website - Thanks!

Clint Watson
via faso.com
Carolyn - can you keep a secret? shhhh. Regarding the newsletter stats - the plan is to add those to the web states report so you can see both graphs simultaneously. You'll be able to see when you sent a newsletter (and how many) and the see it correlated with what happened to your site traffic and visitors.

But don't tell anyone :-)

Renate Martin
via faso.com
I like it a lot. Does this mean I need to do something with my google analytics account? Like shut it down? You can tell I'm one of those people that Carolyn Henderson writes her "How to " newsletters to.

Clint Watson
via faso.com
Renate - no you don't have to do anything, you can run BOTH FASO and Google Anaytics at the same time if you want. They don't interfere with each other.

Renate Martin
via faso.com
That's good to know. Thanks!

Roxanne Steed
via faso.com
Ditto what Carolyn said! I'm liking this a LOT! I thought it was really interesting to see that a bunch of my traffic comes from 'DailyArtShow'- woohoo! And that indeed - I have a pretty decent 'open rate' on my newsletters. It's really encouraging to know where things are working - and where I can focus to keep things growing- Thank you guys SO VERY MUCH! This is really valuable input (and fairly easy for me to figure out - that's the best part!) :-D

Mike Chaple
via faso.com
Excellent Clint! Always one step ahead of the competition. Regards Mike

via faso.com
The new stats page is very efficient, like it. And, thank you for keeping us informed. Jane

via faso.com
Great work - its all great information to have; and love the emails letting us know something has changed!