Thank you for giving me more time in the studio

A testimonial from a FASO Customer:


For many years I had my website with another webmaster where I had to wait endlessly for them to add or change information on my site, often times, resulting in the news being old by the time it was added. Then I came across FASO, and dragging my feet to make the change (it took me a while to jump off the cliff), I finally changed over to FASO earlier this year. WHY did it take me so long?

Although scary for me at first, the FASO team has helped in every way, to make the process an easy adjustment, They are always there with positive helpful advice, to finding the answer to a question or problem, just a phone call or email away. I have now learned many valuable lessons and information for future use.

THANK YOU, Clint, for developing this website system for artists and for having a fabulous caring, helpful staff! I NEVER realized that I COULD maneuver and do changes to my website on my own (with a little help from your staff, of course). This gives me more time in the studio!

Ingrid E. Albrecht

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