FASO or Wordpress?

Here's what one of our customers had to say on that subject:


"I love my FASO artist website and its user-friendly way I can update and change. I've recommended it to over two dozen artists! My new brick & mortar gallery (not FASO) website was built by a professional marketing company in Wordpress at a cost of $4,000...and I HATE it!


It's bulky, unwieldy and has so many steps to just upload a new painting, I pull my hair out. Instead of 4 steps...I have 31 to get a piece of art online.  We are spending an additional $1475 to get a consultant to train us on Wordpress, but even then, we will still be spending an inordinate amount of time on it.  Alas... the consultant is remarking on how the process is lengthy and difficult.  I've seen a few galleries using FASO...wish we had explored it instead of having the marketing company sell us on something much more costly and hard to use!"


- Sandy Nelson [http://www.nelsonfineartgallery.com/]



PS - If you absolutely must use Wordpress - use ZippyKid as your host.  They're the best. (disclosure: I'm an investor in ZippyKid, but only invested because they're the best :-))

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C Kaufman
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Wordpress is quite easy to set up and use. You must have gotten some not-so-good advice.

And the pricing at ZippyKid is very high. ($25 a month! Yikes!)
GoDaddy.com and many others offer web hosting with Word press for as little as $5.95 a month.

Clint Watson
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This is not advice, it's someone's actual experience. Wordpress is not necessarily easy if you need specific customization.

The shear number of people selling "How to do X with Wordpress" is a testimony to it's complexity for many use cases. That is to be expected, it is a general blog/page publishing platform and has a huge number of customization/configurations. For some people, something designed specifically for their use case is better.

Wordpress is like windows (great at many things at but overwhelming)
FASO is like GarageBand (great at one thing only - easier for that use case)

It's an apples to oranges comparison....unless, of course, you're trying to use wordpress to make a site that displays art, sells art, includes ecommerce, includes an email newsletter, promotes new art to over 32,000 people a day, provides toll-free help for artists by artists, etc,etc,etc.

I have no problem with Wordpress, but it's not the answer for everything and everyone.

When WOrdpress IS the right answer, Zippykid's service (both technical and customer) is 10,000 times beter than Godaddy's. However, not everyone needs the things Zippykid provides - they make Wordpress stable, fast and secure. Do a Google search on "wordpress hacked" or "wordpress slow" to see what I mean.

$25/month is not a lot for a serious business to pay for reliable service.

However, I can see using a less expensive service like Godaddy for less trafficked, less mission-critical sites and/or for those who are really good at DIY.

C Kaufman
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$25 a month is a lot to pay to host a Wordpress site.
My use of GoDaddy was just an example of prices, there are many out there that provide web hosting with Wordpress hosting all together at one low price.
Examples here: http://www.top10bestwebsitehosting.com/

The writer must have gotten some bad advice on using Wordpress. 31 steps to get a piece of art online? Really?

So I go to her website http://www.nelsonfineartgallery.com/ ...and am thinking where is the Wordpress...And why is she even using Wordpress?
She hosts her site not with Zippykid, but with http://www.sageisland.com/
Says so down at the bottom of her index page.

People should educate and inform themselves better. Plus learn how to do-it-ourself.

Clint Watson
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Sorry I wasn't clear. $25/mo is NOT a lot to pay for someone who needs the type of things Zippykid offers. In fact, it's MUCH cheaper than Wordpress' own VIP hosting which is several thousand per month: http://vip.wordpress.com/our-services/#hosting.

I don't know why she's using Wordpress, clearly she wishes she hadn't. I suspect it's because everyone's default answer is "use Wordpress" even when it's not the right solution, I agree with what you said, "Why is she even using Wordpress?" She shouldn't be, she should be using FASO :-)

I do know she doesn't host with Zippykid, I never said she did and am sorry if I wasn't clear on that point. I was simply recommending ZK for people who want a rock-solid wordpress host because I know they're good. Zippykid was unrelated to her testimonial.

You said, "People should educate and inform themselves better." I agree 100 percent as does Sandy. That's why she closed her quote with "I've seen a few galleries using FASO....wish we had explored it instead of having the marketing company sell us on something much more costly and hard to use!"

By informing themselves, people would learn that there are many good options to create a good art website. Some work in some situations and some are better in others. While Wordpress is often a sometimes a good solution, it is not always and by educating themselves, as you say, people could break out of the "just use Wordpress" mentality.

Thanks for your feedback.

Clint Watson
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Update to this thread - good news Charles, Zippykid.com now has a FREE tier. Now you can get the best wordpress host for cheaper than Godaddy's $5.95. I didn't know they were planning to add that!

Joe Stephens
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Clint, I totally agree with you. I think people get overly-giddy because Wordpress is easy to set up. But what happens when you want to have website membership that ties in with an existing member database? Or what if you wanted certain pages to display based on session history? While Wordpress is great for some things, as soon as you get away from the plugins and off-the-shelf solutions, the client is stuck.

Best Hosting
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