You Asked, We Answered - Watermarking Feature (beta) now available

At the request of many of our FASO artists, our developers have been hard at work on a new watermarking feature.  


The feature is still in beta but we've had a few folks testing it out for us and if you'd like to add this feature to your website, it's a simple one-time set up.  


Here's how:


First, you'll need to enable the watermarking feature in the labs section of your control panel.

1.  Control panel home

2.  My Admin Info

3.  Labs (scroll down almost to the bottom)

4.  Checkmark the box that says Image Watermarks and Attribution 

5.  Save changes



Then, you'll want to enter your watermark information.

1.  Click on Art Portfolio.





2. click on Edit the Works Display.


3.  Next, you'll choose the option for Add Watermarks, Copyright Notices, and Attributions to your images.

(this link only displays if you have enabled watermarking in Labs)





4.  Fill in your info...





5.  and then, all the images on your site will have your watermarking information on them.




Once you've done these steps, the watermarks will apply themselves to all the images on your site that are larger than thumbnail size.  It can take a few days to propagate to every single image but it's usually more like a few minutes.  You might need to refresh your page and/or clear your cache if you're not seeing the watermarks.


Following along with our belief that Useful Now is Better Than Perfect Later, we also have a round about way of excluding certain images from being marked but we are working on a more polished way to go about it.  


Voila!  Easy and quick so you can get back to the studio.  In a future post, we'll go over why you'd watermark the images on your website and provide some examples of how it's used properly.  






8 Responses to You Asked, We Answered - Watermarking Feature (beta) now available

Kate Weisberg
via faso.com
Thanks Clint. This is great. I would actually like to disable the right click/save image option on images larger than thumbnails. Is that possible so we would not have to watermark?

Clint Watson
via faso.com

While at first blush it seems like a solution, we actually don't support right-click disabling because it doesn't do anything to actually protect images and it annoys users which is something you don't want to do. Lots of people (including me) use the right click menu for many, many things other than downloading images. Plus, it wouldn't block bots from taking images, would you want to block googlebot? Watermarking/attribution is more robust because the attribution stays with the image. Personally I like the idea of attribution on images, especially if they're shared on Pinterest/etc. I don't personally dig watermarking and think having a copyright/attribution line in the lower corner is sufficient.

Here's more on our stance on right-click disabling:


Kate Weisberg
via faso.com
Thanks Clint. Good answer. I was unaware that you were disabling all right click options rather than just the save-image-as... I really dont like the watermark on the visual image. It is distracting. Can you explain the Attributions a bit?

Clint Watson
via faso.com
Kate - the attributions let you put a little line in the lower corner to "attribute" the art. It could say (using me as an example) "(c) Clint Watson" or "http://clintwatson.com" - or both since we allow two attribution lines.

The idea is if it's shared on something like Pinterest the artist's website address always stays with the image.

Eric Paige
via faso.com
Would love it if down the road you could enable this feature on select rather than all images. I would like to watermark photos but not paintings.

via faso.com
I don't like watermarks but would like to add a copyright image. How do I accomplish this please

Rick Anicker
via faso.com
The photo editing software program I use also enables me to put text into the photo. I put my last name on the bottom of the right hand corner on every photo I put into my website. To me it's like signing the work...being a metal sculptor very little signatures show up in a photo. Does this right hand corner text work like a watermark? Or do you suggest a soft signature through the middle of the photo.

Laura F Saxon
via faso.com
Thank you Clint! I'd been wanting to watermark my images for a while, but it was cumbersome to do one at a time. This is much better!!

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