A Better Experience with Positively Remarkable Customer Support

When Clint put FASO out there to the world as an answer for artist websites, he knew Tech Support would be important. 


The plan was to offer Positively Remarkable Customer Service.  Positively remarkable with a double meaning - service so good the customer will REMARK on it and the remark will be POSITIVE.


So he put the time in to build structures and find great people that do great jobs.  Padgett, Jen, Marsha, Tami, Gayle, Susan and Doug are all remarkable people and bring a ton of talent to FASO.  


Many of you have had an opportunity to interact with the support desk and you know what an amazing job they do.  In an effort to help them do their job even better, here's some things to keep in mind when contacting them...



Be specific.  


We cannot stress how important this is.  The more specific you are, the less time we spend digging through your information trying to make sure we're on the same image/newsletter/blog post as you are.


What does be specific really mean?  


1.  Include the name of the blog post or newsletter draft you're working on.  Make sure we know the name of the image or images you're trying to edit.


2.  If you get an error, it's really beneficial to copy and paste the error message into a ticket.  Different error messages mean different things and it helps us to narrow down and eliminate potential issues.


3.  When referring to issues on your website itself, please include the URL of the page in question.  If in doubt of the URL (it's the address at top that will start with http://), give us as much detail as possible about the page you're referring to.  Especially if it's an image.  It takes time to look through collections to find the image you're talking about and we know you're anxious to have your issue resolved.


4.  If you're having trouble with an email account or domain, be sure to tell us which one.  Also, on email accounts - do you have it forwarded to another address (Gmail, Yahoo) or forwarded to a desktop client (Outlook, Thunderbird)?  That changes where we start in the troubleshooting process.



The magic of clearing your cache...


You would be really surprised at how many issues are solved each day simply by having someone clear their cache.  Not sure why you'd do this or even what it means?  Read on.


Your browser will save web pages that you have visited in a file on your hard drive in order to increase the speed at which your browser opens that same site again.  This is fantastic if you haven't made changes to that particular page...faster is better.  However, when you've made changes and the browser is wanting to hold on to the "old" page, that's not helpful at all.  So, periodically, you need to clear your cache so the "new" page can be displayed.


Clearing your cache isn't hard but it is very beneficial.  We suggest a web search of the name of your browser and 'clear cache' if you're unsure of how to perform this operation.



What are you working with?


Frequently, a member writes in with trouble, yet we don't see the same thing that they do.  It's usually because we are using different operating systems or browsers.  If we know what browser and operating system you're using, we can try to switch over and view your issue that way.  Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't.  Including this information keeps us from having to send a note back and asking about this.


If we have to write back, you'll see a note similar to this:


1. What is your Operating System? For example, I'm using Windows 7. I can see this by clicking 'My Computer', then 'View System Information'.


2. What is your Browser and Version? For example, I'm using Chrome, version 23.0.1271.97 m. I can see this by clicking the Google Chrome button on the browser, then 'About Chrome'.


There are various ways to see what your information is - but even telling us the browser (minus the version) and if you're on a PC or a Mac can be helpful, too.


Going mobile...


More and more of our members are looking at and updating their site via a mobile device.  We know you love the convenience and ease of doing so and we're happy to keep up with new technology.


However, this is as new to us as it is to you [1]... we don't have years of experience to be able to trouble shoot issues so having specific knowledge is very, very necessary.  Definitely include what type of phone it is (Android, Apple) and even knowing the specific make (Galaxy 3, iPhone, Droid) could make a difference in the amount of time it takes to get you an answer.



Help us help you


The more you tell us about your problem, the easier and quicker we'll be able to help you.  This is important - we don't want you spending all your time at the computer working on your site.  We'd much rather prefer you to be in the studio creating breathtaking works of art.  





[1] We don't get to beta test this stuff for months or years before you do.  We eat our own dogfood and we use the same software as you do so that we can help test the new features and get the bugs out.




7 Responses to A Better Experience with Positively Remarkable Customer Support

Geri deGruy
via faso.com
Every one of the people in customer support has helped me over and over. Marsha has called me at home a number of times to work through an issue. They respond quickly and kindly and I think the world of them.


Kirstin Suys (for Bill Suys)
via faso.com
I've talked with each of you at some point, I'm sure, and have thoroughly enjoyed each conversation. Thank you all for your good-natured help with the site and for peripheral education that helps us all use the site with social platforms like FB...

via faso.com
A couple of weeks ago I had a big problem that took all day to resolve. Jen stayed on top of it and solved it. She went above and beyond to figure out each problem. When I get service like that it makes me want to stay with FASO forever. Thank you Jen you are a superstar!!!!

janice stanley
via faso.com
I am on a trial but I am sure to stay as I am a disabled artist and needed a site that would look good but but be easy to maintain. Other web sites make these claims and I have another one but it took me months to set up and the store is still in progress and twice expensive as this site. I am sure it has benefits I don't know of but Fasca promised and no exaggeration performed to my expectations and beyond. Thanks Fasca
Janice Stanley

Carrie Turner
via faso.com
Thank you for the compliments...I've made sure the tech team sees them and I know they appreciate them.

Have an awesome day!!!

Angalee DeForest
via faso.com
Just wanted to add to the kudos to the support team...and to FASO itself. Great support, wonderful site. I am so pleased I found you! What a huge difference it has made.
Angalee DeForest

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