Enhanced Templates - Making the most of your FASO website

As many of you may know, we've been releasing new, enhanced site style templates for a while now.  In developing these templates, we've also added certain requested features.


If you're wondering what advantages there are to switching, read on...


1. Enhanced Templates contain more updated code and work better on today's faster internet.


2. The Enhanced Template allows your website to be viewed on mobile devices - which is a rapidly growing trend.  


3. You can add more categories on your Navigation Bar (12 instead of 8).


4. Facebook 'LIKE' buttons are available for your portfolio images and blog posts.


5. Some pages, such as Events and Workshops, have new 'fields' that only function on the new Enhanced Templates.


6. You can show sent email newsletters in a public archive, easily accessible from the Email Newsletter category link.


7. Most custom work is accomplished with CSS not HTML, which allows you to change your site style more easily to give your website a fresh look. If custom work is necessary on our part, it is often not as costly for you.


8. They allow for control of the fonts on your site, as well as control over many other elements of your site.


9. The 'buy now' system has been upgraded and includes a shopping cart.


10. The Zoom View of images is displayed in the same window verses in a smaller pop up window.

11. Supported networks are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and an RSS feed.


Enhanced Site styles are 'cleaner' in appearance, a bit wider and the pages display a little differently.  You are welcome to try one of the 8 styles already released:


Enhanced - Classic and Clean
Enhanced - Devonshire
Enhanced - Right Navigation

Enhanced - Left Navigation
Enhanced - Simplicity
Enhanced - Slate Orange (beta) *
Enhanced - Top Nav Classic 
Enhanced - Whitesmoke *


To change site style:

- Log in to your control panel
- Click on Site Appearance (left menu bar)
- Click on Templates
- Choose the style you want
- Click on Save Changes


If you are locked into your current, older style due to custom work open a ticket with the support team and they'll remove the custom work.  You probably won't even need it on the new styles.


As always, if you have questions, FASO's artist support agents are more than happy to help.  


Think about it...a fresh new look and more marketing tools for your website could be the boost in your art business that you've been looking for.  Enhance your site today.





* Hard coded for color choices.




10 Responses to Enhanced Templates - Making the most of your FASO website

Stephen Dobson
via faso.com
I like the new Enhanced Clean and Classic format but don't see an image on the main page. Wondering if this format can have a random image displayed.

Deborah Harold
via faso.com
Hello, I tried to upgrade to the enhanced template, I need help getting it back to the way it was. I must have done something wrong. I can't navigate around my web site now.

Deborah Harold
via faso.com
ok, got it, love it!

Stephen Dobson
via faso.com
Not sure who Deborah Harold is or why I am receiving the above messages but I myself did not receive comments on my earlier post.
Please advise.

Gayle Faucette Wisbon
via faso.com
Hi Stephen,

You have not added an image to your main page. Once you switch back to the Enhanced, then go to Edit Main Page Information in the Control Panel.

Main Page Picture - you can select a picture by the title or by image

Save Changes

Stephen Dobson
via faso.com
Thanks Gayle:
But am looking for the random image display which is an option on the template I currently use. I don't see in the options of choose an image in the enhanced template.

Gayle Faucette Wisbon
via faso.com
The random image is only available in the old Autumn template. It is not available in the Enhanced Templates.

Clint Watson
via faso.com
Stephen - regarding the random image thing. Our roadmap is to create a set of widgets that can be embedded on FASO sites. One of the widgets I have in mind is a slideshow widget that could be added to *any* (enhanced) template. So we will have a solution coming for this.

We are starting, however, with a set of sidebar widgets (which are near to release). You can see a preview of the current sidebar widgets we're working on on our test site at: http://ivincent.fineartstudioonline.com/.

Keep in mind that is a test site and none of the content is real, just images/text we stuffed in to fill the page while we worked on the design.

Stephen Dobson
via faso.com
Hi Clint:
The test site looks great.

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