FASO Uploader Issues With Internet Explorer

I sometimes don't understand why Microsoft does the things they do.  It's like they want to make life more difficult for their users sometimes.  


Internet Explorer once enjoyed over 90% market share.  The tech press even declared that "browser wars" were over.


But with each new release Microsoft makes, their browser becomes more confusing and more difficult to use, I personally abandoned it over 5 years ago.  This leads to users being frustrated with websites, but I'm not afraid to call a spade a spade.  It's not usually the website's fault because Microsoft, with Internet Explorer, is breaking the web by having the browser refuse to work the way web standards are defined.    In fact, I've seen users have this very issue on Microsoft's own websites.  I will admit, at first glance, their "security zones" idea is not without merit, but if it's too confusing for regular users, then it's not working and it's no wonder Internet Explorer continues to lose market share and is below 50%.


That brings us to our uploader:  Websites comonly break sections of their website into different subdomains.  This allows the site owner to move processing intensive tasks to different servers and provide a better experience for their users.  Yahoo was famous for doing this with sites such as finance.yahoo.com, mail.yahoo.com, www.yahoo.com, etc.


In our case, we moved our uploader to a different subdomain (cloud.fineartstudioonline.com) because uploading and image processing is a processing intensive task.  We didn't want that task slowing down the web servers that serve our customers' websites or the servers that handle logged in artists (at data.fineartstudioonline.com).  This is a very normal way to break things up.  When a user is logged in, we set a cookie on their browser so we know who's account to show the person.  We set a "big" cookie that can be read from all fineartstudioonline.com subdomains, so it can be read both when the user visits data.fineartstudioonline.com and when the user visits cloud.fineartstudioonline.com.  This works perfectly every time with Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.


But we started getting "Help, I can't upload tickets" that all had one thing in common.  Yep, you guessed it, our old friend Internet Explorer.


Fortunately, if you like using Internet Explorer, there is a solution and we've added instructions to our uploader to help those who run IE when this situation occurs (and it only occurs sometimes, even with IE).  Here's the message you'll get if you use Internet Explorer and need to adjust your settings:


Unfortunately, you do not appear to be signed in.
This condition usually happens only in Internet Explorer.

The solution is to add both of the following domains to your trusted sites in Internet Explorer:

Click here for instructions on adding domains to trusted sites.

Another option is to switch to Google Chrome or Firefox

Click here to try again

Click here to exit

If you are a tech geek and want to know why this condition happens only in IE, Microsoft explains it here.  (and, oddly, doesn't fix IE even when their example shows that their own site live.com breaks in the same manner).


All of this brings up an obvious point to me:  If IE is rapidly losing market share and if the other browsers don't break the web in the same way IE does.......isn't it likely those two facts are correlated?


Thanks for reading and if you've experienced the above issue with our uploader, I am sorry, we will continue to development and add as much as we can to work around such issues so that they are minimized as much as possible, even in IE.




Clint Watson

Software Craftsman and Art Fanatic

3 Responses to FASO Uploader Issues With Internet Explorer

Thelma VanSchoiack
via faso.com
I filled out a help ticket yesterday concering my blog...never got a response or call...so wonder if this didn't get rec'd by FASO?
Thelma VanSchoiack

Clint Watson
via faso.com
Thelma - looks like somehow you closed that original ticket and our team never saw it. Also looks like you opened a new one yesterday which was responded to, so I think we're good.

Thelma VanSchoiack
via faso.com
I had wonderful help from Lisa DeYoung...I am not a nerd so she did correct some things on the old posts...deleted them as I could not. I did call her not knowing it was her home number...as she had returned a call earlier. Sorry if I created some confusion. Faso is a great thing you have done for artists and I thank you.
Thelma VanSchoiack