FASO's Artist Support Agents - A Glowing, Unsolicited Review

Technical Support

by Carolyn Henderson

I don’t mean to sound like a laundry detergent commercial, but if you have a website through FASO (Fine Art Studio Online) and you haven’t discovered technical support, then you don’t know what you’re missing. [...] 

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4 Responses to FASO's Artist Support Agents - A Glowing, Unsolicited Review

via faso.com
Don't waste your money with the http://faso.com/boldbrush competition, it is a one man jury, he is an artist and he just pick people that have paid many times, it is not a fair competition and some of the finalist are just OK nothing great and don't desearv to be there. I personally think it is a scam.

Clint Watson
via faso.com
Anonime declined to provide his/her email address. Nice.

I am the Founder of FASO and will answer anyway.

THe awards are chosen each month by an independent judge. They are listed on the homepage of the contest at http://faso.com/boldbrush. I encourage anyone to contact those artists and verify that they indeed did the judging. The works are NOT pre-juried for the judge. Each judges sees each and every artwork entered. Period.

The "jury" relates to the FAV15, which simply represents our favorite pieces. Different people make up that jury at different times. It's sort of like "staff picks" on some sites. The FAV15 are NOT IN ANY WAY related to the awards picked by the judge. It is simply a way for us to say "hey we really dig these paintings" because we love art and we love sharing works of art we like.

I don't see how any of this could possibly be called a "scam." Contact any of the award winners - they have been paid. The judges are real. Feel free to ask them.

It is a bit insulting and cowardly to call these well known artist judges liars. But of course "Anonime" knew that, which is why he/she declined to use his or her real name and contact info.

Thank you to the hundreds of artists who, in the past, when they had questions about the contest had the honesty and courage to ask me directly so that I could either clarify something confusing and/or make improvements to the contest.


via faso.com
Thank you,
For once I appreciate you not answering an automatic prewritten email as I received several time before. I tried contacting the juror in question but never got an email from him by following the link to his website.
It appeared to me that the choice of the FAV15 was made because the artists add entered several time when checking each one. Some of them were just so-so. I would be OK with it if the pick where actually the decision made from several impartial jurors as opposed to the staff. I was just realistic in my comment..
Anyway don't waste time with me It is not going to change the way your contest is done, it is over with.

You might get hundreds of artists but once in a while there is one that really stands out if you can read between the line.

PS: I would not have post in your blog but you did not actually made a phone number or email very visible so I could get in touch with you.

Clint Watson
via faso.com
Again - sorry - not true. Our home page, http://faso.com has a huge headline (right under the black area with the photo of an artist) that reads: Have a Question? Email Us or Call 1-877-FASO-234. We make the number pretty darn visible.

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