FASO Implements Support for the Send Button and Simplifies Administering Liked Pages


I just read a great post over on The Abundant Artist about the latest innovation from Facebook, the "Send" button.  Supporting this latest bit of Facebook magic has been on my todo list for a few days, so I decided to knock it out.  Just like when Facebook released the Like button last April (and we announced support for the Like button on April 23rd, 2010), as a FASO customer, you are, again, among the first art sites to support this innovation.


Short Version - the Facebook Send button is now implemented for artwork pages and blog posts on all FASO sites.  


The Send Button


The Send button lets a visitor to your website send a private recommendation to one or more of his Facebook friends.  It's different from the "Like" button because it's private, not public.  Sometimes I want the world to know I "Like" something, sometimes I just want to recommend a piece of art to a friend.  Now, I can easily do both from any FASO website.



Access Facebook Pages as an Admin


So what is this "admin" stuff?   The Abundant Artist explained it: "It’s an administrative page that Facebook automatically creates whenever someone Likes something on your website. It only works if you associate the proper Facebook Meta Data (geek speak) with your Like button."


The post goes on to explain how to get and install a Wordpress plugin to handle the geeky meta data.  If your art website is powered by Wordpress, go read the post to find out how to get the plugin.  (of course, installing a Wordpress plugin is a tad "geeky" as well ;-), if you're a wordpress "fanboy" and need the best Wordpress host around, contact me, they'll get you set up properly and help you with all the geeky stuff).



The Easiest Way to Support Facebook's Open Graph and Admin Pages


Another option, if you're a FASO customer (or become one), is to do it the easy way:  ..... you're done.  How was that for easy?  We've handled all the geeky stuff for you. No code to install at all.  All FASO sites have the proper meta data codes installed on artwork pages as well.


To make it work, you will have to connect your Facebook profile to your FASO account.  I'll write some detailed instructions in an upcoming post (after we polish the code up a bit), but if you want do it now, the connection link is in your FASO control panel in the "Facebook Integration" area and is about 3 clicks.


Just because we're geeky and like making things easier for you, after you connect your FASO account to Facebook, we've made a page that will let you see every page of which you're and admin and provided handly links to them all in one place.  Maybe I'm a bit dense, but I couldn't find a place on Facebook itself that displayed all the admin pages in one place.  I did find a list of pages I had created, but it didn't appear to list all the pages that people had clicked "Like" on that I can administer.  So I used Facebook's handy graph api to make myself a centralized list.  I'll write more about this in an upcoming post as well.


Have fun "Liking" and "Sending!"




Clint Watson

Software Craftsman and Art Fanatic

3 Responses to FASO Implements Support for the Send Button and Simplifies Administering Liked Pages

Yolanda Garfield
via faso.com
Awesome! Exciting! And about time! I love this technology.

Linda Smith
via faso.com
So, how do I go about putting the send button on all my images?

via faso.com
joy to read, I came across this site ages ago but I've only just decided to stop back and have a read of your articles.

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