FASO Launches New Multiple Image Uploader in Labs


A few weeks ago, we wrote about our new, greatly improved image uploader.


To recap, the new image uploader features does the following things:


  • Allows you to upload multiple images simulataneously
  • Uploads images much faster
  • Processes images in the background so you don't have to wait while they are processed and sized
  • Allows you to add images to a collection during the upload process
  • Allows you to add title, price and medium info during the upload process
  • Allows you to reorder your images during the upload process with a simple drag-and-drop interface



We've now moved the image uploader into our FASO Labs section, which means that all FASO members may start using it!  Please bear in mind that while it is still in our "labs" section it is still in testing.  In fact, if you should decide to try it, we would greatly welcome any feedback you can provide and/or reports of issues that you discover.  Our support team can let our programmers know about any issues.  If it's a programming issue, you can always use the current uploader if the new one doesn't work for you just yet. 



Enabling the New Image Uploader


1. Login to your FASO control panel


2.  Click on "account info"


3.  Click on "labs", you'll see the screen below:



4.  Check the box next to "Uploader Version 2"


5.  Click "Save Changes", you should now see the following screen:



6.  Click "Exit"


7.  Go to your artwork portfolio ("My Artwork Portfolio" from the main FASO control panel screen).


8.  You'll now see a link at the top reading "Try our new BETA Uploader!" - click it and begin uploading!  Here's what that screen looks like:




About the New Uploader


If you need a refresher on the new uploader, please re-read our previous post.


Have fun!




Clint Watson

Software Craftsman and Art Fanatic 

7 Responses to FASO Launches New Multiple Image Uploader in Labs

lisa mcknett
via fineartstudioonline.com
Dear FASO,
My husband found your problem. The server is not working:

The FASO web pages contain this line of javascript code at line 38:

This is almost certainly a coding error and should read:

What I think is happening is that the server is interpreting the src property as an attempt to access a local disk resource (since no protocol definition is given, and throws a server error when it can”t find the local resource. My guess is that everything will work fine if they correct the source.


This message is confidential and is intended only for the individual or company named above. It is confidential, privileged, or otherwise protected by work product, immunity or other legal rules. The intended recipient is the person to whom the email is addressed and shall not disseminate the communication or its content with any other person without written permission of the sender. If you are not the named addressee you should not disseminate, distribute or copy this email and should delete this email from your system immediately. Please notify the sender immediately by email if you have received this email by mistake. The integrity and security of this message cannot be guaranteed on the Internet. The sender does not accept liability for any errors, viruses, faulty transmission or omissions in the contents of this message, which arise as a result of email transmission.

lisa mcknett
via fineartstudioonline.com
please let me know when the fix is made and we can use FASO

lisa mcknett
via fineartstudioonline.com
I tried to reach Clint and told him. He knows me sort of from other artists and we have spoken on FACE BOOK.
Just look at the code and see if that isn't correct, my husband is CEO and Cheif Technology officer of our company and one he took public JNIC

lisa mcknett
via fineartstudioonline.com
I do not know why you can' t have a place to comment when your system is down

Clint Watson
via fineartstudioonline.com
I am really confused - you left me about 5 messages on facebook, 4 messages here, 1 by email earlier - I responded to the email one days ago, did you open a ticket like I suggested?

FASO is CLEARLY NOT DOWN, as you are leaving comments on the FASO blog, which is the same service. One profile page has some sort of issue. It is only an issue in internet explorer. I have removed the javascript and I still sometimes get an error in internet explorer only (ask your husband since he's a CTO - he'll tell you what a piece of work internet explorer is). I can see your page in firefox, chrome and safari. It is only the profile page on the faso site not your actual website at:

http://lisadalemcknett.fineartstudioonline.com/" target="_new" rel="NOFOLLOW">http://lisadalemcknett.fineartstudioonline.com/

The actual website at http://lisadalemcknett.fineartstudioonline.com/ is up and running - even in internet explorer.

The web profile page at http://www.fineartstudioonline.com/artists/LisaMcKnett.html has a strange 500 error that only appears in certain installations of IE. We have removed the javascript, it is not that. We are still trying to discover what is causing it.

We have seen it a couple times before and there is a workaround that will make it display for you in internet explorer that our support team can help you with.

Thank You.

Clint Watson
via fineartstudioonline.com
Lisa and Chuck,

We've now corrected this problem. We don't need to schedule a time to talk after all. We found the problem buried in css (which really doesn't make sense since the css is internpreted browser side, it really isn't a "server error" but that's good ol' Internet explorer for you...)

Anyway the page now loads fine, please be sure to clear the cache on your browser when checking.



Lisa Dale McKnett
via faso.com
omg Clint, I did a vanity search and this came up can you just erase it. I thought we were just talking and now anyone linking to my name gets to see this. I never would have mentioned anything if the world was to connect with this. Sorry about that. Just erase my comments if you want. I like FASO and this might damage the site.

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