FASO Member Embraces Change and Switches to the New Text Editor

FASO member, Karen Cooper, tells about her experience with the new text editor:




Welcome to the Cooper studio, Jefferson, Iowa. The word organization just came to the forefront a few minutes ago. I had just read a reply from FASO tech-Lisa. But maybe I should begin at the beginning. Here we go:


A few years ago a group of three artists met to plan a workshop we would be teaching at the local art center. One artist looked at the other two of us and said "you guys are so organized!" She was wrong, of course, at least on my side of the equation. The other person, yup, she was totally organized. After all, she was the one who came to the meeting with an outline, printed in triplicate, so we could each have a copy to work from. Me, well, I am just an organize-wanna-be.


I can vaguely remember the year when my husband told me I really had to get serious about this and get some sort of a website set up. I would love to say I thoroughly researched my options and then chose FASO, but probably it was divine intervention :) I have always been more than just a little pleased with the results. The bad news about being pleased with something, is that sometimes you want it to stay pleasing. Not change. And I say that, even though I am one of those people who enjoys the change-up.


We would deduce then, that when change messes with my limited organization, which someone had to help me get to anyway----well, surely you can see my point. And now, I ask, have any other FASO artists noticed that we currently have two options for writing a blog post?


>full screen mode for entry text, and

>old full screen composer for entry text


The second option, being old, will phase out soon. Determining that I best get familiar with the new option, I did. May I share that there is a cool little button on the "old" version that made me feel organized to the max? It's called "insert group box". All it does is put a text box around my blog post. But guess what, I couldn't find that icon on the "new" mode. Aaargh.


So why is a silly little text box worth anything, anyway? I thought about this. Lines are apparently kind of important to me. Especially when those lines enclose a shape. Even when the shape is just filled up with text. I would say that just as lines can organize the shapes in a painting, they can also give organization to my thoughts and blog posting on my website. Yup, it's confirmed. I like lines.


So, I used the "new" mode to write this. And did everybody notice I got my line back? Thanks Lisa.


You FASO techies are great.


Later, Cooper


If you were wondering why we made the switch, you can read Clint's thoughts about it here.



Editor's Note:  This post originally appeared on Cooper's blog

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