An Artist Appreciates FASO's Remarkable Tech Support Team


A customer blogged to compliment us on our remarkable FASO support team:


FASO  technicians are the greatest.  My experience, I am certain, is no better than other users; however, I thought it was time for me to blog my appreciation. All the technicians have been wonderful, when questions are asked.


I had no experience in building a website prior to the FASO site.  


Clint Watson and the entire staff that created and supports such a wonderful website have been unbelievable.  I have reworked my site several times and each display has wonderful views of our paintings and photography.  I especially, like the one which I have now chosen.


I attempted to give one of the technicians a Thank You; however, I received a more grateful response from her than I sent; therefore, I would like to share how great all the technicians have been, especially Marsha Robinett.


"ISSUE: Technical Help..thank you


DESCRIPTION OF ISSUE:  It was unbelievable what you just provided me based upon my request for help. I will print it and be busy all week digesting and doing your suggestions. Thanks for another wonderful experience with the technical support which FASO always provide. Marsha, you are just great as artist and as technical support! Again thanks to all of you.


DISCUSSION:  8/7/2010 4:18:36 PM - Marsha Robinett:Faye, What a lovely compliment. I actually enjoy the technical part of my duties as much as I enjoy my painting and drawing. You have come a long way with your website and have proven to be good 'student' as you apply and integrate our instructions and suggestions for your website. It is so rewarding to know that our advise is appreciated and that we are truly able to help you get your site looking and functioning the way you want. Wishing you the very best in your career. Sincerely, Marsha Robinett Artist Support Agent"


Again thanks to such a wonderful group of people

Faye Creel


Thank you so much Faye!


Editor's Note:  This article originally appeared on Faye's blog.

4 Responses to An Artist Appreciates FASO's Remarkable Tech Support Team

Spencer Meagher
via fineartstudioonline.com
Ditto! Sincing signing up with FASO in January of this year I have been thrilled with the service they provide. Whenver possible I encourage artist friends to link up with FASO and let FASO help them move their art career forward.

Coral Barclay
via fineartstudioonline.com
I agree! The tech staff are amazing, better than any i've encountered.!!

Kate Klingensmith
via faso.com
I have been very happy with the customer tech support service. Marsha has been so helpful. I know that I can ask any question, no matter how simple, that will be happily answered, as well as receive helpful hints to improve things. The tech support team is a huge asset to FASO websites. I'd much rather spend time painting, rather than learning how to design and build a website. When I tell other artists about FASO, I always mention the superb customer service. This really gets them interested. Kudos!

Sunny Benham
via faso.com
Yes I would like to join the chorus of appreciation for the FASO support team. Even though I cringe at the thought of how many times I have impositioned the team. So let me say it now..I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks again for all your help and encouragement. Sunny

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