FASO Launches Free Searchable Art Scam Database

We are pleased to announce a feature that will help protect all artists from being scammed online.


If a person randomly contacts you about buying your art you may want to use this FASO feature to find out if the person is a suspected or known art scammer. This searchable database of suspected art scammers is made available to all artists (including non-FASO members) as a public service. It is free for anyone to use.


We at FASO keep tabs on known or suspected art scammers in order to protect the thousands of artists who have personal websites hosted by us. If art scammers are contacting our customers there is a huge chance they might be contacting other artists as well. That is why we decided to offer this search feature as a public service to all artists worldwide.


As mentioned, artists can search the database of known art scammers at no cost. Thus, you may want to do a search if you receive a message from a potential art buyer that appears suspicious. Due to the ever-increasing wave of art scams online it is very important to utilize a free service such as this. It will give you some idea of who exactly you are dealing with.


See, http://www.fineartstudioonline.com/art-scam/


Take care, Stay true,


Brian Sherwin


PS - If you're a FASO client and someone uses the "contact the artist" form on your website, the information will automatically be checked against the art scam database and a warning will be added to the message (if something suspicious is found).  That warning is only added to messages that pass through our system, so if you have chosen to share your direct email address, be sure to check the art scam database manually.

3 Responses to FASO Launches Free Searchable Art Scam Database

Yvonne Branchflower
via fineartstudioonline.com
Thank you, FASO, for offering this valuable service. I hope all your subscribers pay attention, and make use of it.

via faso.com
As art lover and the rights of the true artists over the past years I'm in the quest to make notices of the NO creative "artists, those ones that stole the imaginary and creative spirit of the real artist, the only make a few changes in colors, sizes, material and "voila" they have their art. Such case I notice is of Angelica Newsom AKA(Angelica Newsom-Herrera, Angelica Herrera), such person is dedicate in copying the art and stole the ideas of the true artist, I found the same images in books, in web pages and in some art festivals (even she has been caught taking pictures in some artists booth) then she sells the art as unique.
Even I have been in contact with some of the real artist and show the pictures of "her" art and they are surprise of the lack of professionalism of this person. She no only is stealing the creativity of the true artist, she is also stealing the opportunity and space for the people who is really talented.
Please be aware and make aware to the people that really love and live for art about his woman.

Angelica Newsom
via fasoblog.fineartstudioonline.com
I do not know where you are getting your information from (maybe you have been taking pictures of artwork in booths) but I am in no way copying or stealing anyones artwork. There is a lot of artwork out there and you are bound to find a lot of it similar in style, color, size, etc. (as you put it) but this doesn't mean I am stealing anything from anyone. All artists get inspiration from other artists and there work. If I was taking pictures and making prints of others artwork that would be a different story. I hope in your quest as an artist critique that you do not try and ruin other artists work based on your sole opinion.

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