Make Your Blog Commenting System Easier for Your Visitors

Years ago, when we first launched our FASO blogging system, the commenting was pretty rudimentary.  


However, we've continually improved that system over the years and I would venture to say that today, it's one of the better comment systems around.  (I'm certainly a tad frustrated every time I have to deal with blogger's antiquated comment system).


If you've been with FASO for a while - there is a setting that you may want to change to make your blog visitors' experience better.


Years ago, we defaulted all FASO blogs to require a person leaving a comment to wait for an email and then click on that link to verify that they were a real person (and not a spam bot).  This made the process of leaving a comment somewhat of a cumbersome dance for the visitor.


We have since changed the way we detect spam.  We run every comment through Askimet (the same system that Wordpress uses).   We also have our own internal metrics which include greylisted IP addresses, known spammer email addresses, rate of comment submission across our network from a given IP address, known "spammy" words, and other "secret sauce" that we don't think any spammers reading this need to know :-).  We also dynamically challenge the person with a challenge question if their comments is "on the edge."  


Importantly, and unlike many comment systems,  we don't bug every person with the annoying challenge question - only the ones that might be spam have to deal with that.


Therefore, the email verification setting setting is no longer necessary and we recommend that you disable it.


Here's how you do that:


1.  Log in to your FASO Account


2.  Click on "Edit Categories"


3.  Click on "Blog"


4.  Click on "Blog Configuration"


5.  Click "No" next to "Require Email Verification of Comments"


6.  Click "Save Changes"


7.  Have a drink - you're done!



Here's a screenshot of the blog configuration screen:


3 Responses to Make Your Blog Commenting System Easier for Your Visitors

Spencer Meagher
via fineartstudioonline.com

Thanks FASO. I'm in favor of anything that makes my day easier and give website visitors a friendlier experience.

Judy Champion-Frates
via fineartstudioonline.com
Thanks FASO...it seems that this entire website is much easier to use than I thought. Love all the traffic I get viewing my paintings.

Terms Arthur Murray
via faso.com
Thanks for sharing this..