FASO ArtistEdge Facebook Newsletter App

We've created our first official Facebook Application.
This application lets you put a sign-up for your newsletter (assuming you have one set up with FASO) directly on your Facebook profile or fan page.  Your followers won't even have to leave Facebook to sign up for your email newsletter!  This document outlines how to install the Facebook application.

Here's what the app looks like on Facebook. Notice it installs a tab called "Newsletter" where your friends can enter their email addresses to sign up for your newsletter.  They can also follow links to three of your most recent newsletters under "Recent Newsletters" underneath the sign-up form.  The recent newsletters section is updated automatically when you publish new newsletters.  If you want to see this in action, check out our FASO fan page.


Part 1:  How to Install the FASO ArtistEdge Newsletter Facebook App

1.  First Make sure you're logged into Facebook.

2.  Then visit the FASO ArtistEdge Application page on Facebook by visiting the following link:  
You'll see the following screen:

3. Click the link in the middle, and next you'll see the following screen:

4.  Click "Allow" and you'll be prompted to join the app to your FASO account with the following screen:

5.  Enter your FASO Username and the email address that you use in your FASO account and click "Submit"

At this point, you've installed the application to your Facebook profile.  However, you still need to enable the newsletter sign up tab so that your followers will be able to sign up for your email newsletter.

Part 2:  How to Add the Newsletter Sign-up Form to Your Facebook Profile

UPDATE 10/18/2010 - YOU CAN NO LONGER ADD THE SIGN UP TAB TO YOUR PROFILE.  Facebook has discontinued support for app tabs on your profile as outlined here:  http://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/402.  You may skip to Part 3 and add the newsletter tab to a fan page - that IS still supported by Facebook.

At this point, you've installed the Newsletter App, but you're friends can't see it yet.
1.  To add it to your profile, start by clicking the "account" tab in your Facebook profile

2.  A menu will open up, click on "Application Settings:"

3.  Now you'll see a list of your Facebook applications.  Next to "FASO ArtistEdge Newsletter Application", click "edit settings:"

4.  A little popup window will appear.  In that popup window, click the "add" link (this will add the signup tab to your Facebook profile), then click "Okay"

That's it! You've installed the app!  If you want to see it, click "profile" in the upper right of your Facebook account to see YOUR profile.  Then click the "Newsletter" tab that should now be listed.  If you don't see it, you might have to click the "+" tab - this would indicate that you've installed a large number of tabs.

Part 3:  How to Add the Newsletter Signup Tab to A Fan Page

To add the newsletter signup to a fan page requires that you've already completed the steps outlined above in Part 1:  How to Install the FASO ArtistEdge Newsletter Facebook App.

After completing Part 1 above, do the following:

1.  Visit Your Fan Page

2.  Click the "+" tab

3.  You should, at this point, see the "FASO Artist Edge Newsletter Application" listed, if you don't, search for "FASO" in the search box at the bottom of the menu.  Either way, click on "FASO Artist Edge Newsletter Application"

4.  Click on the "Newsletter" Tab that has now been added.  

5.  Enter your FASO Username and Email Address

6.  You should get a success message and you have now successfully installed the Newsletter Sign-up Tab to your Fan Page!

UPDATE 9/14/2010 - Due to Facebook's caching procedures the application is not always immediately visible under the "+" tab  - here are alternate instructions for installing the app to a fan page:

1. Go to: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=141860442520905&v=wall

2. click "add to my page"

3.  find your page and click "add to page"

4.  close the window and go to your page

5.  you should now see the newsletter tab on your page, click it

6.  enter your faso username and faso email

7.  click submit

8.  You will get a message that says "one more step" - that is because we released this app early so you can start using it, you are actually done at this point.

9.  To verify, just click the "newsletter" tab again and you should see the signup form

23 Responses to FASO ArtistEdge Facebook Newsletter App

Spencer Meagher
via fineartstudioonline.com
Thanks Clint. This is great information and looks like it will expand my number of subscribers.

Spencer Meagher
via fineartstudioonline.com
Works Great. Didn't have any trouble getting it installed. Now we'll see how many new subscribers I can get.

George De Chiara
via fineartstudioonline.com
Thanks Clint. I got it set up on my FB page without any problems, but can't get it on my fan page. It doesn't show up in the . When I search for it I get nothing. Any ideas?


Clint Watson
via fineartstudioonline.com
George - I updated the blog post with an alternate installation method - FAcebook sometimes doesn't show the app in the drop down right away, so we came up with the alternate method.

George De Chiara
via fasoblog.fineartstudioonline.com
Thanks Clint. I'll try it out tonight.

Bill Werle
via fineartstudioonline.com
Awesome Clint! Thank you. Worked exactly as the steps outlined.

George De Chiara
via fineartstudioonline.com
Thanks Clint. The updated instructions work perfect for getting this on my fan page.

via fineartstudioonline.com
You're the best, I'm so proud of your work and your products. My professional career took off the day I launched my website with FASO. I never forget the early days when you took the time to call me up asking for my feedback.

Raving fan,


Tommy Thompson
via fineartstudioonline.com
Clint, I am trying to install the FASO ArtistEdge Facebook Newsletter App to my profile. I get a window saying that it is installed on my profile page although "Newsletter" is not visible, and when I try to add the newsletter signup tab to my profile, I do not see "application settings" under "Account"; therefore I cannot edit those settings. What do you suggest?

Clint Watson
via fineartstudioonline.com
please see the note above under part 2 - that is no longer possible:

UPDATE 10/18/2010 - YOU CAN NO LONGER ADD THE SIGN UP TAB TO YOUR PROFILE. Facebook has discontinued support for app tabs on your profile as outlined here: http://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/402. You may skip to Part 3 and add the newsletter tab to a fan page - that IS still supported by Facebook.

via fineartstudioonline.com
When I went to accounts there was no applications tab.

Clint Watson
via fineartstudioonline.com
Martha - yes I know - that's why I keep upadting this blog post and this comment thread - Facebook REMOVED the applications tab, it's over, the NO LONGER support it. We cannot change that.

Here's what I put on this blog post under the instructions for doing that last month:

UPDATE 10/18/2010 - YOU CAN NO LONGER ADD THE SIGN UP TAB TO YOUR PROFILE. Facebook has discontinued support for app tabs on your profile as outlined here: http://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/402. You may skip to Part 3 and add the newsletter tab to a fan page - that IS still supported by Facebook.

Katarzyna Lappin
via fineartstudioonline.com
Thank you a lot for this explanation. After all day trying to figure it out by myself I was directed to this link by FASO support system.
Now everything is perfect. Thanks Clint!!!

Lisa Dale McKnett
via faso.com
I am updating my FASO website. Trying to sign in for the direct access to the Face Book access to my FASO website. I entered my name Lisa Dale McKnett and my and cut and pasted my email from my FASO website. That didn't work, so I am thinking i am supposed to input the main website address not mine. Do I enter faso.com now? Is that correct?

Lisa Dale McKnett
via faso.com
Write another comment . . .

Lisa Dale McKnett
via faso.com
oh I didn't see Clints comments on this page, before trying to sign up for the Face Book connection.
So I guess then the artist should ignore the page or place that offers this opportunity as a suggestion to increase exposure?

Clint Watson
via faso.com
No the artist should not ignore the place that offers this opportunity.

If you would LIKE to offer your email newsletter directly on facebook, you can install this app.

IT ONLY WORKS ON PAGES. It does not work on profiles. THat is a change Facebook made, not us. I think the app was a lot more useful when it worked on profiles but we can't force Facebook to go back. They would rather sell ads on profile pages instead of having people look at apps.

If you have any trouble with the installation of the app, it is best to contact support at 877-FASO-234 or by opening a ticket in your control panel or even http://faso.com/forum.

Thank you.

Claire Bull
via faso.com
Thank you Clint and all the FASO staff - took me a while but figured it out with your detailed instructions! Went to the Fan Page "Privacy" setting and edit your settings and was able to do it that way - now let's see if anyone "bites" and wants a newsletter - I am excited and grateful - Thank you!

Deborah Shamah
via faso.com
As always thank you, thank you, thank you. The directions were easy to follow. Thank you for opening up one more way for us to market ourselves. Also, we just finished setting up paypal on our website. We thought we were going to have to jump through hoops to get a shopping cart set up but you took care of everything. I can't tell you how relieved I was...a happy dance immediately ensued. You thought of everything, thanks!

Julie Brayton
via faso.com
I'm trying set my link up on my fan page for my newsletter but it's rejecting what I put for a username and email. I don't know what it's looking for.

Eugenie Fein
via faso.com
Like Julie,
It would not accept my information---- until I put in my email through which FASO sends me newsletters and notifications. Frustrating. Now what to do? Remove it and start over?
I've sent note through a support ticket.
Will wait and see.

Eugenie Fein
via faso.com
Problem solved through support ticket with Marsha Rob. FB requires admin email to link but subscribers will be linked to my website email list. Yea! Love the support team folks----very kind!!

Michael Gillespie
via faso.com
I clicked to add the app but I don't see it on my page.