Launching Our Second Enhanced Template

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of our second enhanced template.  It's a rework of our popular "whitesmoke" template.

If you're a FASO customer and want to to take advantage of the new features, login to your control panel, click "edit style" and select "ENHANCED Whitesmoke"  You can always switch it back to your old style if something doesn't work the way you want it to.

Stay tuned....more coming soon.


8 Responses to Launching Our Second Enhanced Template

Diann Haist
via canvoo.com
The new enhanced templates are fantastic! Full of substance and features such as formatting for iPhone and other mobile devices. I love it.

Clint Watson
via canvoo.com
Thanks Diann - the iPhone and Mobile formatting is still being worked on but it works for the most part, there's some other little hidden gems in them too that we haven't released yet......

Karla Nolan
via canvoo.com
I like the new whitesmoke -- think I'll keep this one for a while! Thanks for the update....Karla

Fiona Purdy
via canvoo.com
Clint -the new templates are fabulous!!!! I am now using the enhanced left navigation and I just love it. I also love it that I can have 3 extra pages and also on the newsletter sign up page people subscribing are asked for their name and they can read past newsletters (which would be a fantastic update all by itself).

Thank you, thank you!

Jerry Dame
via canvoo.com
WOW! I like the "Enhanced Whitesmoke" look. Love FASO website. Can't thank you enough.

Liz Hume
via canvoo.com
I like the new enhanced templates, but I'm a big fan of the "Classic and Clean." It just seems to fit my artwork better. So for now, I'm holding off on changing templates, and hoping you enhance "Classic and Clean!"

Claudia L Brookes
via canvoo.com
Hi--Not sure why this is the very first I have heard of any enhanced templates. It seems like the second upgrade is "older news." Was there a previous post on this that I missed? Do you have a chart or graphic that easily shows the difference in what the different templates can do for you?

Thanks, Claudia Brookes

Gwen Ontiveros
via canvoo.com
I also am a devotee of Classic and Clean and am interested in an enhanced template for that style. Anything on the horizon there?