Introducing Enhanced FASO Templates

I've been pretty silent over the past few months...working on "evil plans" I like to say.  I've had my head down, buried in program code.

You see, FineArtStudioOnline was originally designed over 9 years ago!  And, while we've continually been upgrading it for the past 9 years, I started thinking it would be fun to rethink certain areas from the "ground up."  So, back in December, I decided to design some new templates and features that take fuller advantage of today's Internet technology.  This project turned into a much bigger project than originally planned.  As we added something in one area, we would think of something cool we could add somewhere else and on and on it went (and is still going).

However, today we're ready to release the first "Enhanced" template for FineArtStudioOnline.  It's an updated version of our popular "left navigation" template.  At first glance, it doesn't appear to be much different, but, behind the scenes it works quite differently than the old templates.

Over the next few weeks and months we'll be explaining the "enhancements" in detail, but suffice it to say that if you've seen areas in the FASO control panel that say "this feature only works with Enhanced templates" - you now know what those features are for, and you may start using them by switching your site to this first Enhanced template.  

Specifically the feature you can start using immediately is up to 13 navigation categories on your web site (the old templates allow 9).

Kevin Macpherson is already using the enhanced template - click here to see it in action.  So is Lori Simons

We will be rolling out updated, "enhanced" versions of all the existing templates over the next few weeks....plus we have some new template designs in the works as well.

Now, back to the "studio" for me, there's more work to do.......my "bosses" (you) are quite the taskmasters :-)


Clint Watson
Software Craftsman and Art Fanatic

PS - If you want to try the new template, login to your FASO control panel, click "Edit Site Style" and select "ENHANCED Left Navigation BETA"

13 Responses to Introducing Enhanced FASO Templates

Mary Aslin
via canvoo.com
Love the new enhanced template!! Many thanks.

Diane Tasselmyer
via canvoo.com
This is really nice. Now I get to think up some more categories.

Thank you very much. You do Good work!!!

Kathryn Clark
via canvoo.com
I like the enhanced templates, but wonder--- If I switch to this new template, will all the information and photographs I have on my web site now transfer to the new enhanced one, or will I have to rebuild my web site on the new template.

Jeanean Songco Martin
via canvoo.com
Fantastic upgrade. I especially like the wider screen. It allows for more visibility for the images. Having the option for more navigation categories is also very helpful.

Sandy Askey-Adams
via canvoo.com
Good question Kathryn...
I recently switched to using a FASO web site and I think I do have one of the enhanced sites, but I have not seen it among the artists listed here.

I had been trying to decide which style to use and am still thinking of using another enhanced version, although I do like the one I have too.

BUT....DID anyone answer your question about switching over to another enhanced template? I had been wondering the same thing.

Will everything transfer over without having to do rebuild it, etc... or anything?


Theresa Rankin
via canvoo.com
I am one of the early users of FASO my number is in the early 4 digits. First of all I absolutely love the FASO website. Very easy to use and the response is incredible when I look at my Dataplain statistics. The increase just since I have been using the enhanced version is incredible...and yes that includes sales. I had no problem, everything reloaded accurately and no information was lost. I am still trying to figure out a few more things. For some reason it stopped projecting my images on CanvasFlyer a few years ago. Do not know what I am doing wrong here. I would also like to try and figure out how to manage Facebook likes for every image which I have seen on users of FASO. Let me just say this again....this is the best artists website out there....I even ditched Blogspot recently to move my blog over to FASO.
Thank you Clint for an incredible and easy to manage website that has an extremely low price!
Theresa Rankin

Theresa Rankin
via canvoo.com
Well that was easy enough....I just figured out the Facebook like selection from an older newsletter...I can check this off my list.
The setting is found in your FASO control panel under My Artwork Portfolio >> Edit the Works Display >> Options For Enhanced Templates >> Use Facebook Like Buttons on Works (Select "Yes").

Theresa Rankin

jeanean Songco Martin Fine Art Studio
via canvoo.com
THANK YOU Theresa for suggesting to hook up to the Facebook page. It was very easy to do and also a really nice and easy way for folks to leave a comment and post on Facebook, which is increasingly becoming more and more popular. I post all of my information and pictures from workshops and some of my art musings. Great advertising.

BRAVO FASO!! Clint you are the man! I love Faso. It was made for computer non-geeks like me. (Notice I did not say computer idiot, I do not consider myself an idiot but I am not at all interested in computer technology. I am happy to leave the work up to the professionals and at least I am not spending hours and hours trying to accomplish little task on the computer. Now, thanks to FASO I can actually leave the computer sooner and get back to the studio.

Sandy Askey-Adams
via canvoo.com
My web site is the ENHANCED DEVONSHIRE site style.
Like the style also that Theresa, Diane and Mary have. I could not decide which one to use..and still am considering the one you three have...well, and Lori and Kevin have too. I would like the 13 navigation categories.

But am still wondering about the colors on my site. I open to comments. I also am planning on doing my name in a script of some kind, but no time to work on the site to finish up what I want to do...
and eventually will get that blog too.

On my old site, I had Notes from Artist and I want to put on this new FASO web site some of the things/categories I had on my old site. Also had a whole thing about framing...and how to select and purchase the right painting, etc..

I still have to get mine totally done. Have had it for only a short time...and no time yet to finish it up.

BUT, Clint is a genius!!!!!!! These web sites are pure genius!! They are beauitful, crisp and clear, and so easy to use. I am not computer literate and need all the help I can get.

Thank you Clint and thank you to the support team. You are working miracles with web sites for artists.


Dolores Jablonski
via canvoo.com
I'm finally getting around to trying out these new enhancements! I love it! It's definately going to make my life easier.


Kathryn Clark
via canvoo.com
I'm also wondering and am afraid to switch to an "enhanced" web site on FASO because I'm afraid I may have to rebuild the whole thing. I'm happy with the one I have now and don't know if or how the "enhanced" one will be better. Can you answer this Clint??

Kathryn Clark
via canvoo.com
How does the new enhanced web site make your life easier?

Stephanie Tantillo
via faso.com
would like to see template choices before signing up. Thanks