Luminous Links Our Newest Template Release


Remember when we talked about the custom designed sites that were the basis for our newest template releases? Well, those custom sites have yet again inspired a new template and we're ready to unveil it for you today. Luminous Links has minimal color variations for those that like the look of a less "busy" site. It has the collections slideshow feature with magnifiers for a more detailed look at your art, perfect for those that like their "other" images (bio pic, events/workshops images, etc) on the smaller side. 


Luminous Links is a Gen3 template and, of course, comes with all the benefits of our more modern site styles. Navigation is on the left which makes it a perfect Gen3 replacement for those who are still using our ​*old*​Gen2 template, Left Navigation (enhanced). In case you need a reminder, gen 3 templates include:


  • mobile responsiveness - meaning they look great on any size screen
  • improved design and css capabilities
  • built in social sharing options


If you're ready to make the switch to Luminous Links, read on!



1. From your FASO control panel home page, click on the Design link in the upper

navigation bar.



2.Then, clink the link that says Change Your Site's Template



3. Click the image that says Luminous Link



4. It'll then show you a preview page. Click the link that says Use this template 

design on your site.



5. You'll then get confirmation that changes have been made.



A few of our members are already using Luminous Links and it looks great on their site!














Remember, there is no extra charge for any of our templates and if you change your mind, you can easily switch back to your old template without worrying about losing any of your content. 


Stay tuned...there are more templates coming and each one will have a look and feel that will inspire you to make the very best art to display on your very awesome website. 


Happy creating!





3 Responses to Luminous Links Our Newest Template Release

via faso.com
I was advised to change to a Gen 3 template and did select this one today after testing a few others. I like the overall look but wish that the text in the left navigation column could be a different color. In my color scheme - Dark Storm, I believe it's called - there's not a lot of contrast between the background and the test until you click on an item. I think I'm going to stick with this template, but hope that one section can be tweaked!

Gayle Faucette Wisbon
via faso.com
Hi Sharon, you can change the color of the navigation text in the color palette editor. I will open a ticket for you in technical support and send you instructions.

Gayle Faucette Wisbon
via faso.com
Here is the link to the color palette editor, in case anyone else needs this info.


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