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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.artistbilljames.com

  • Year Born: N/A

  • Was awarded the title of Master-Pastelist by Pastel Society of America and Dolphin Fellow by American Watercolor Society

  • Won Silver Metal Award from Pastel Society of America and the American Watercolor Society.

  • Was an art columnist for the International Artist Magazine

  • Price Range: $300.00 - $10,000.00

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The Artist Says:

Refined drawing is the foundation needed to create a great Realistic or Impressionistic work of art. Without that, the technique used takes over and the artist's painting simply is not as successful as it could have been.

Other Artists Say:

"I am pleased to be able to have an opportunity to see and comment on the work of a marvelous artist - Bill James. I have long admired his great skill in drawing nd painting. His watercolors are exceptional and in this difficult medium, he has produced astonishing work. Bill also excels in the three other mediums, oils, pastel and independent drawing (graphite). Bill James' subjects, landscapes, figures, still lifes and drawings are all produced with great technical skill and personal meaning. An outstanding artist!"

Daniel Greene - master fine artist

"Bill James is a versatile artist working in oil, watercolor, pastel and graphite. His paintings are well composed with a fine sense of color."

Everett Raymond Kinstler - master fine artist

"I've noticed your work over the years and have seen it progress beyond techniques.You bring something to the work that is a bit more than your articulated goals. The "it" can be called a combination of sight and insight - a visual translation of seeing and understanding."

Burt Silverman - master fine artist

"Bill James is a veteran of three mediums, an insightful observer of
humanity who tells an intimate story with masterful strokes of color."
Rachel Wolf - editor of North Light Books.

"Because James' craft (superb in not one but three media) is so confident, he can create compositions that seem discovered rather than planned. His work is serious as it is  beautiful."

 Maureen Bloomfield - editor of The Artist's Magazine.

"Bill James is hard-core talent. Technically, his pastels and watercolors are amazing... what he does is just really stunning. It's just downright quality technique."

Dr. Leslie Hammond - chief curator of the Appleton Museum of Art.

"Your paintings are anything but ordinary." 

Margot Schulzke - artist/writer

"Bill's work is spontaneous but accurate."

Steve Doherty - editor of American Artist Magazine.

"It was a pleasure to write about an artist with such extraordinary talent."
Jessica Canterbury - associate editor/writer of Pastel Journal magazine.

"An Impressionist for today."

Pratique Des Arts - French Art Magazine


Bill is a B.F.A. graduate of Syracuse University and now lives and works from his studio in Florida. He was awarded the title of "Master-Pastelist" by the Pastel Society of America, "Life Member" by the Southern Watercolor Society, and "Dolphin Fellow" by the American Watercolor Society. He was a member of the National Watercolor Society, the Transparent Watercolor Society of America and the Oil Painters of America. He was asked to be a member of the Knickerbocker Artists (once an exclusive art association consisting of only master artists) without showing a customary portfolio. Since 1947, that has only been done one other time. Wrote a column for International Artist magazine for three years.
 The Silver Metal Award from The Pastel Society of America.  
The Silver Metal Award from The American Watercolor Society.
The Mrs. Andrew Guffuni Award for Exceptional Merit-Pastel Society of America.
Howard Chandler Christy Portrait Award-PSA.
The Ida Wells Stroud Award-American Watercolor Society 
Knickerbocker Award for Excellence-Pastel Society of North Florida.
Award for Exceptional Merit-Degas Pastel Society '87, '96, and '98.
Award for Exceptional Merit-National Watercolor Society.
Award for Exceptional Merit- Texas Watercolor Society.
The 3rd Place Award for Landscape - 2003 Artist’s Magazine art competition.
The Gold Metal Award for Excellence - 2007 Pastel Journal art competition.
 The Award of Excellence-Watercolor Society of Alabama.
 Best Casein Award - National Society of Painters of Casein & Acrylic '14
Shiva Award for Best Casein Painting - National Society of Painters of Casein & Acrylic '15 and '16.
 Northwest Pastel Society '97 
Degas Pastel Society '92 
Art Center National 100 '96 and '98 
Mississippi Watercolor Society '87 and '94 
Louisiana Watercolor Society '90 and '11 
Watercolor Society of Alabama '94 and '96 
Georgia Watercolor Society '95 and '02 
Arizona Aqueous XVI '99 
Texas Watercolor Society '02 
Tallahassee Watercolor Society '04 
Pastel Society of North Florida '07 
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