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( Resume below.) The images, ideas and attitude of the West are the main inspirations for my painting. Rather than trying to tell a story with my work, I strive to evoke the spirit of the West that I encounter in the people and animals I meet. Painting and drawing have always been my passion, especially anything to do with horses, cattle and cowboys.
When I was growing up in a rural area west of Denver, my siblings and I eagerly anticipated the annual family vacation to visit our grandparents in the badlands of North Dakota. They lived a simple life in a log cabin with no running water and Grandma cooked great meals on an old wood stove while Grandpa, a former bronc rider, kept us entertained with wild cowboy stories. We kids rode horses bareback, ran through the hills dodging cactus and rattlesnakes and drove an old pickup truck to haul water. My favorite activities were the hot, dusty brandings and lively rodeos which have really stayed with me to this day. I now live in the ranching country of eastern Montana, where childhood memories and impressions are stirred by my surroundings and my imagination gets fired up to paint.
A huge part of the West is of course, horses. When I was younger I was either riding one or drawing them so they play a big part in my artwork. My other favorite subject is people so I often combine the human and the equine elements in a painting. It is an historic connection - people and horses - that I never tire of exploring. I am fascinated by the social systems of the horse, and how that relates to their interaction with humans. I pay close attention to drawing the correct body language equine or human, to express their [...]

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