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My name is Teresa Boston, and I paint primarily in watercolor because I love it's potential for spontaneous and amazing effects; those same traits can make it equally frustrating, but it's always a joy. I feel it's something I will never totally master, and yet always find alluring. I've recently begun experimenting in Winsor Newton's water-miscible oils.  I love them!I have taken workshops with Teresa Ascone, Michael Schlicting, Pat San Soucie, Don Kolstad, and Carla O'Connor.     A Signature Member of the Alaska Watercolor Society, my work has appeared in many shows and juried art competitions, as well as at the Anchorage and Palmer (Alaska) Museums.    Living in Alaska and traveling whenever possible, I am surrounded by majestic scenery. While it influences my painting, my work varies--from landscapes to still lifes and the occasional abstract work.  Lately, I've undertaken a series of mountain paintings inspired by our drives back and forth on the Alaska Highway.  I love the grandeur of the Canadian Rockies and always find the scenery along the Highway to be inspiring.  Nothing would please me more than to stop and just watch the light change on the mountains.  I take a lot of photographs to remind me of places along the way, later referring to them in my studio for inspiration.  Intrigued by the light upon objects, striking shadows or reflections, I find art a way to look more deeply at my surroundings and try to capture the sense of delight, the warmth of sunlight, the play of colors, or, in the case of  pets, the glint in an eye, when I saw the scene. I hope I convey some of my impressions to my viewers, and that you enjoy your visit to my site. You can contact me by clicking the tab on the right of the [...]

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