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The Artist Says:

"When I paint, I feel closer with God than at any other time I know. What more could anyone ask for?   ---Steve Atkinson

Collectors Say:

"Steve is one of the most promising new artists I've seen in a very long time".   ----Joyce Jones, Collector and Bosque Art Center Board of Directors

Other Artists Say:

"I am really impressed with Steve's work. The guy can paint anything."   -George Hallmark, Artist  "Steve Atkinson is one of a small handful of artists working today that truly translates and communicates the outdoor painting experience for his viewers.  His natural drawing ability coupled with lots of hard work, result in paintings that capture natural light with rich and exciting surfaces.  Steve's journey in art is a pathway we will all enjoy following for many years to come."  ---Scott Myers, Artist


I started painting full time in 2008, after a successful 25 career as a commercial illustrator.  My training as an illustrator has given me a solid foundation for my fine art. The ingredients that make a successful painting are the very same that go into making a good illustration. My brushes have opened up a whole new world to me. Now I'm able to make pictures of the things that matter to me. I'm not interested in painting the trendy or the shocking, it's purely about what moves me as an artist and a human being. Hopefully, it's the same thing that moves all of us. I do oil paintings that celebrate the romance of the western lifestyle. Whether it's cowboys or indians, pioneers, rough stock riders, or the glorious Western landscape. I'm as comfortable painting the figure as the landscape. Really, it's all about the story and emotion behind the painting. The way I handle the paint, my technique, is as important to me as what I paint. To me, good painting has always been as much about how the artist handles the paint, as it is about the painting's message. Hopefully, when you look at one of my paintings, you can tell I had a ball while I was painting it.
I make Prescott, Arizona my home, after growing up in a small Ohio steel town. My wife Ann, continues to be my biggest supporter, best critic, and constant source of inspiration. I find endless variety in the landscape, and feel most alive when painting on location (en plein air) in the midst of getting down a fleeting light effect before it changes. When painting, there is no other concern that seeps into my consciousness. It requires complete focus. Painting is very hard, but there's nothing else in the world [...]

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