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"With my art I strive for a painterly approach that uses less detail,  more color and big brushwork to expose the essence of the animal."



My journey as an artist has been surprising, challenging, fun and rewarding.  It started as a whim in 2001 and became a somewhat late in life career choice after spending 10 years working in sales in art galleries in Jackson, Wy, Scottsdale AZ and Carmel, CA.  Encouraged by my one of my mentors, the late western artist/potter Bill Freeman, I learned what it's like to work hard, observe life, and take criticism.  I have put in alot of what I call "brushstroke mileage" to get to the style of animal painting I have today.  I feel that having something unique to say with your art is the only way to go.  One thing that is unique to my process is the naming of paintings before I  start them.  That way I have a narrative in mind and like to tell a story as I paint.  I am also known for my color.  I enjoy finding nuance in warm color and lively grays and strive for an interesting harmony every time I pick up a brush.  I have been fortunate in my career having studied and painted along side some incredible people such as Greg McHuron, John Moyers, Glenn Dean, Carol Swinney, Steven Datz, Logan Hagege,  Kathy Wipfler, Matt Smith and of course Bill Freeman.  In my career  I have been blessed to participate to some major museum shows, such as Cowgirl Up!, Western Visions, Art of the Animal Kingdom, SEWE, Mountain Oyster Club and in 2009 the Clymer Museum in Ellensburg, WA hosted a major exhibition of my work.  I have also had my work appear and be featured in such publications as  Southwest Art,  American Art Collector, Western Art Collector and Cowboys and Indians.  I am a signature member of the American Women Artists group, an organization very important to [...]

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