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“My paintings of animals are an up close and personal experience.   I love their faces and I like to pull them into a better world.  I do this with my intuition, brushwork, texture and color.  I am hoping to make whoever looks at them happy,  experience  a  warm feeling,  touch a soul.  I hope to bring something lasting into this life with my commitment to the animal world and my art.”

Sarah J. Webber was born in 1958 and grew up in St. Paul, MN in an artistic family.  She began drawing early, and having a love for animals she became obsessed with drawing horses and dogs, as she both took riding lessons and showed her black lab, Juliet.  She graduated from the University of MN in 1987, with a fine arts degree in vocal performance and a minor in art history.  Before becoming an artist, Sarah sang professionally in both opera and rock bands.  She completed a USO tour of the Mediterranean and Saudi Arabia as the lead singer of a R & B band in 1986.  In 1987, she relocated west to Jackson Hole, Wy, a favorite family spot.  There, she became interested in oil painting after meeting some of the local artists, which included Bill Freeman, a palette knife painter she considers an early influence and mentor.  Bill taught Sarah about painting from life, observing nature and provided a wonderful studio environment for which she could study art and learn. In the 1990`s she relocated to Scottsdale, AZ, and furthered her art studies at Scottsdale Artist School.  In 2001, after spending nearly 10 years working in art galleries, she began to explore the idea of painting full [...]

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