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 After years of working as a representational painter, Nubia began to experiment intuitively with acrylics. Drawing on her personal history as well as meditation practices, reading and travels, she brings a fresh vision of the world through her abstracted imagery and layered use of the medium. Nubia uses the power and universality of color to communicate with the viewer through her spontaneous creative energy flow. She begins her abstract process by layering color through direct painting on canvas. Small touches left alone, unexpected images, and color combinations emerge, beginning a relationship with the artist’s psyche and emotions. The juxtaposition of the opacity of the one color and the translucency of another opens perceived windows to the soul of the work. History, psychology, spirituality and mysticism are evoked by color and mark-making.
Her paintings contract and expand, hum and vibrate with the rhythms of her world. Nubia is an inventive colorist, using the hues of her palette to evoke an emotional response from the viewer who is drawn to explore implied imagery in fields of color. These unexpected points of reference lead to narratives invented by the viewer. When this occurs, the artist believes she has fulfilled her purpose. Her work has been exhibited regionally, nationally and internationally in galleries, cultural centers, diplomatic and public venues. She has been represented by galleries in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Tennessee. Her work is included in numerous private collections in North and South America, Europe and Asia. Nubia has completed successful commissions for private and corporate collections.
2013 Luminarte Art Gallery "ColombiArte", Dallas, TX
2013 Katy Contemporary Art Museum, Katy TX
2013 L.A. Modern and Contemporary Art Show. Los Angeles, CA
2012 Babaloo Fine Art Gallery "Rhythms in Red" Katy, TX
2011  A&M University,"Symphony in Red" Prairie View, TX 
2010 Art [...]

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