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Michelle Dunaway  is an American artist who’s paintings are revered for their bold brushwork yet sensitive portrayal of emotions that capture the human experience. Dunaway exhibited a strong penchant for drawing the human form from the young age of two and that fascination has continued throughout her life. Her artwork has been featured in exhibitions and international publications along with inclusion in several art books. Michelle’s work has received numerous awards and honors including:Finalist and Award of Exceptional Merit at the Portrait Society of America’s International Portrait Competition in 2010 for her painting ‘Katie and Jenni-The Daughters of Jane Seymour’, a Certificate of Excellence from the Portrait Society of America in 2014 and 2017, Finalist and Award of Exceptional Merit at the 2016 Portrait Society International competition,  finalist in the Art Renewal Salon Competition as well as being invited to be the featured artist at the 2014 California Art Club Gold Medal Exhibition. Michelle receives invitations to teach, lecture, and give painting demonstrations at various schools and events internationally. She exhibits in galleries nationwide and her paintings are in private collections throughout the US and Europe.Her subjects embody a timeless quality yet speaks to the everyday emotions that we traverse as human beings.

“To me, the extraordinary resides in the everyday moments of life. Those moments when we stop, pay attention and feel gratitude. All of us experience such moments and they transform us for the better. These instances of human life, personal reflection and inspiration are what I love to capture in paint.”



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